The winner of the boxing promotional cards is tomseaver (comment 4).  Now for the new contest!

Name your favorite NHL player during your childhood who was not a Hall of Famer.  For me growing up in New Jersey I was a big Devils fan and one of my favorite players during the 80s had to have been Aaron Broten.  He wasn’t the greatest player in hockey at the time, but he was a huge part on those early Devils teams.

This contest will extend only until tomorrow night at 5pm.  Once this one is given out I will have another card to give away on Sunday and I promise this one will be fantastic.  This contest is for a game used card of your choice from the Badwax Prize Vault.


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  1. Sean Holmes says:

    for me it would definately be paul kariya, i was a huge mighty ducks fan as a kid and he was my favorite player. I’ll never forget him coming back from a concussion against the Devils in 03′ and scoring a goal

  2. polishgooner says:

    Mine has to be Gary Roberts with the Flames winning the cup in 89

  3. nick Cee says:

    As lifelong devil fan, my favorite player was and always will be Scott Stevens. I miss having a d-man of his caliber on the devils. They haven’t been the same since he has rode off into the sunset

  4. Steve says:

    Adam Graves. He always seemed to come through in the clutch and played a huge role in ending the Rangers’ Cup drought. He was also really active in the community, and I remember he even had a commercial on the MSG Network promoting a local car dealership

  5. Corky says:

    This is actually quite difficult for me, I was born and raised on Long Island. The Islanders were actually founded a few months after I was born so I grew up watching the team and my favorite player of all time is Mike Bossy. But, he is in the HOF so I had to move down the list; Bryan Trottier, Mark Messier, Brian Leetch and Mike Richter, but all are HOF. Patrick Roy? Nope, HOF!

    Keith Tkachuk would be next on the list and since he just retired he is not in the HOF.I started watching him when the Jets moved to Phoenix, I followed him the rest of his career. He was not the best to ever play the game, but his 1,200 games and 1,065 put are nothing to overlook. He never made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, but he was a 4-Time Olympian for the US, winning a Silver medal in the 2002 Olympics. Maybe not a HOF career, but definitly one of the top non-HOF players.

  6. Scott says:

    i always enjoyed watching pat verbeek play

  7. Chris C. says:

    Derian Hatcher, a big mean looking defenseman or the Stars and Flyers. He used his big body and his stick to take pucks away.

  8. arfmax says:

    I grew up in New Jersey as well, and would have to say Bruce Driver was my favorite!

  9. bamlinden says:

    For me, Trevor Linden was (and still is) the one player that stands above all else.

    He was a great leader, selfless and for as great a career that he had on the ice, I am even more proud to name him because of his actions off the ice. His charity work is the inspiration for others to do more for those less fortunate.

    The choice for me is an easy one.

  10. easy one… Chris Nilan #30

  11. Eddie Velarde says:

    Growing up in the Los Angeles area in the 80’s my favorite player was the right winger Dave Taylor. He played for that team for 17 years before he retired in 1994.

    I also loved watching them in the 90’s woth Tony Granato, Rob Blake, and of course the crazy Marty McSorley. Some nice teams that were never able to get a Stanley Cup.

  12. Dion Soskin says:

    Growing up a Flyers fan in the early 70’s and winning two Stanley Cups (Still waiting for #3) may favorite player Reggie Leach was on a line with 2 hall of famers (Clarke & Barber) and doesn’t get the credit for what he did best which was putting the puck in the net!

  13. ToddUncommon says:

    That would be Dave Semenko. He was the enforcer for the Oiler teams of the early Eighties. He was replaced by Marty McSorley when they acquired the latter from the cross-province rival Flames. McSorley became a mercenary for hire and followed Gretzky to LA. Everybody remembers a beheader like McSorley, but Semenko was my guy back then.

    As far as nice guy players go, I like Jim Craig. His goaltending career in the NHL was nothing shiny, but he played out of his head in the Miracle On Ice.

  14. Kerry says:

    I enjoyed watching Trevor Linden play! Thanks for the contest…

  15. dave h says:

    I really liked watching Bill Guerin and still do. He was my first TTM auto and he had all the skills of a talented power forward. He is still kicking around and when the Devils are out of the playoffs last year I was glad to see him hoist another cup.

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