A lot of people have never heard the name Joe Pavelski.  Not even after the US hockey team went on to a silver medal win in Vancouver earlier this year and Pavelski was a big reason for that.  However after a round and two games of NHL playoffs, it’s going to be tough to ignore this scrappy player who has already netted nine goals for the San Jose Sharks this post season.

Pavelski is a US born player hailing from Wisconsin.  He was a 7th round draft pack of the Sharks in the 2003 amateur draft.  He decided to go to college and play for the University of Wisconsin.  He proved to be quite  a leader for the Badgers and guided his 2006 squad to a NCAA Division 1 Championship.  In fact, it doesn’t matter where he has been, from the Waterloo Blackhawks (USHL) t0 the 2010 US Olympic team, he has won everywhere he has been.

Once his college career was over he signed with the Sharks and opened his career in Worcester of the AHL.  His minor league career lasted only 16 games, he had scored 8 goals and 18 assists and the Sharks realized what a talent they had in him.  He spent the rest of the 2006-07 season in San Jose, working primarily off the third line.  That season he put up 14 goals and 14 assists for 28 points in 46 games.

He has since been a mainstay on a very solid Sharks team over the last three years, putting up nearly identical numbers each of his last three seasons.  He works centering off the second line and can be penciled in for a 25 goal, 25 assist season almost yearly.  This post season has been a real eye opener for the Sharks faithful as to how much he really means to the team.  With stars like Joe Thornton, Danny Heatley, and Devin Setoguchi, sometimes Joe’s name gets lost in the shuffle, but it won’t be for long if he continues to put up the numbers we are seeing.

As far as his hobby value is going, he cards are on fire right now.  He best card (pictured below) is his 2006-07 The Cup autograph / patch card.  Currently those are going for between $60 – $75 each.  However if you can live without the patch, some of his other signed cards are going for between $2 – $10.  Considering he was considered a common when the season started, it’s grown price wise quite a bit. He is the kind of player a team locks up for a career, his ability to grind out points is what makes this Sharks team so dangerous in the playoffs.


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  1. Fuji says:

    Great article… It was awesome to see so many Sharks represent their countries in the Olympics… especially Joe. I’m glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves… hopefully, he’ll take SJ to the finals. Go Sharks!

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