We have all seen how Upper Deck is heading done the path of chapter 11.  I thought it would be funny to put a possible timeline of their demise.  Personally I kind of hope that Topps purchases Upper Deck and kills their product line like Dick McWilliams did to Fleer.

May 14th 2010 – Saddled with a ton of unmovable Tiger Woods and Brian Cushing memorabilia, Dick McWilliams decides to slash the prices by 5%.

May 21st 2010 – After a week of no movement of the more than 5000 combined items that Woods and Cushing signed, CEO Dick declares a never before seen slashing of prices, he drops prices an additional 10%.  Only a few units are moved (mainly Tiger’s mistresses and  Cushing’s “doctor”.

May 28th 2010 – With only NHL and the NBA player’s association contracts left.  UD decides to pull out the stops and release 20 products of each.  This week’s release is the NBA playoffs set.  featuring 10 LeBron James cards, 20 Kobe Bryant cards, and 35 Michael Jordan cards.  The set is 100 cards and there are 10 different parallels.  Pre=sales are not good and reviews are poor.

June 4th 2010 – The first NHL set is a retrospective vintage set called Allan and Gynter.  Upper Deck claims that it has nothing to do with the Topps Allen and Ginter release.  Topps takes CEO Dick to court, he claims that the names he picked were random, the judge is about to rule on this when CEO dick tries to bribe him with autographed Cushing shoes and a jersey.  The judge rules in favor of Topps and orders Upper Deck to give Topps it’s hockey exclusive contact.

June 11th 2010 – Upper Deck decides that they will take the ITG approach and make cards without photos of the athletes on them.  There are a lot of Cushing autographs and Tiger Woods autographs in the set.  Of course it’s mixed in with high school athletes and D-League stars.

June 18th 2010 – Second quarter profits are not as low as feared, experts reveal that is due to non-payments to their athletes.  CEO Dick decides to give himself a raise to celebrate and fires most of  the factory workers.

June 30th 2010 – CEO Dick is spotted buying a ticket at LAX headed to Brazil.

July 1st 2010 – Upper Deck paychecks bounce, employees walk out, Topps hands out HR info to the graphic artists.

July 3rd 2010 – It’s revealed that CEO Dick has taken all the Upper Deck funds, and absconded to Brazil where he can’t be extradited.

July 30th 2010 – Upper Deck is declared bankrupt and ordered by the courts to be sold.

August 15th 2010 – The bids for the company are sealed and there are three potential buyers, Topps, Donini and a mystery buyer out of California.

September 15th 2010 – The mystery buyer wins the bid, and decides to re-open the business in Yorba Linda at the now defunct Upper Deck Card Shop.  The buyer’s name, DeWayne Byuce.  The company’s name is changed to Fleer.  Buice promises to bring fun back to the trading card world.

I know something like this would never happen, but wouldn’t it be fun if that is what will happen.  Let me know what you hope happens?  When do you think UD will go under?  Who buys it?  Will Fleer come back? What do you think?

July 2nd 2010 –

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  1. Kevin says:

    Fleer will never come back panini will buy UD and become a power house until this cycle repeats 10 years from now

  2. Dion Soskin says:

    Not sure I care anymore the companies have killed the hobby with overproduction and subset after subset do you really need 5,000 cards of Alex Rodriguez made ever year!!!!! or in football every set made of the same handful of players from every team. Oh well like any other business when you make a product no one wants you go out of business!

  3. Alex says:

    “September 15th 2010 – The mystery buyer wins the bid, and decides to re-open the business in Yorba Linda at the now defunct Upper Deck Card Shop. The buyer’s name, DeWayne Byuce. The company’s name is changed to Fleer. Buice promises to bring fun back to the trading card world.”

    Or how about Michael J. Cramer (Pacific cards) buying Upper Deck? Or Whoever set up/owned Collectors Edge? When I cam back into the hobby and found the Fleer, Pacific and Collectors Edge had gone from the hobby I was really disappointed. Personally I would have preferred Fleer and Pacific to stay than Upper Deck.

    Personally I would just like to see Dick McWilliams, the rest of the board and the senior managers got to prison for their illegal and unethical behaviour. They can then play the game “Don’t drop the soap in the shower” and someone can then produce an “Upper Deck Felons” card set.

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