Shocking news came out of Los Angeles, California – Jose Lima died of a heart attack on Saturday night.  Lima had a wildly erratic career, one in which he won 21 games in a season and lost 16 in another season.  He was a career 89-102 pitcher with an ERA of 5.26.  He is probably best known for his smoking hot wife and his incredible on-field melt downs.

Jose may not have been the most incredible pitcher of our generation.  Actually far from it, however he was probably one of the most entertaining pitchers.  His career spanned 13 years from the Tigers, to the Astros, to the Royals and the Mets.  He always entertained from his blonde hair to him beating up water coolers he was always a gas to watch cause you never knew what you were going to see with him.

Fantasy gurus even named a drafting rule after him, the LIMA rule (Low Investment Mound Aces).  It was invented by Ron Shandler and involves the following:

  • K/BB ratio of 2.0 or better : K/BB Ratio = K/BB
  • HR/9 of 1.0 or less : (HR/IP) *9
  • K/9 ratio of 6.0 or better : K/9 Ratio = (K/IP) * 9 (used mainly in 4×4 leagues — 5×5 may need to push to 7 in order to compete in the K’s category)

It became widely in use to predict pitchers on the brink of a great seasons, much like Lima’s great seasons in 1998 and 1999.

All in all I think the baseball world will miss Jose.  His cards are mainly common fodder and there are some autographed and game used cards of him out there.  Most of them can be had for about a $1 on eBay and even though his career is not Hall of Fame worthy, today we mourn the loss of one of baseball’s most entertaining players.


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  1. tomseaver says:

    If that is his wife, I’m not surprised he died of a heart attack.

  2. Dion Soskin says:

    Meet Jose a couple of times when he was in the Atlantic League was always in a great mood and loved the game was a favorite of mine just for the way he carried himself at the ballpark RIP.

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