Lately I’ve been trying to build my ever growing patch collection by the eBay route.  However, what I am finding more and more is that patch cards for the most part aren’t going for under $5 including shipping.  I don’t ever remember having to go this high to get common patch cards.  I’ve been calling it the $5 patch challenge.

The way it works is simple:

  • I never pay more than $2.50 shipping, so that leaves me with $2.50 for the card.
  • Next, I have to have heard of the player.  This eliminates nearly 90% of all baseball cards.
  • No manufactured patch cards.
  • Bonus for nailing an auto / patch card. (not really monetary but it makes me feel good)
  • Patch has to be substantial, none of this crap:

Is it a patch card? Yes, but just barely.

You would think in this day and age where cards seem to be devalued the second they are pulled from packs, I could find some decent deals out there.  You would think that wouldn’t you! Alas, it is not so easy my friends.  So I ask of all my readers, would you like to partake in the $5 challenge?  Here is the deal, I have a bunch of autographed and game used cards to give away.  So whoever snags the best patch card will have their choice of an autograph or game used card.

It’s not going to be easy though, here are the requirements:

  • Card must have a patch that conforms to the above rules.
  • Card must be won on eBay between June 1 – June 2oth 2010.
  • Post your submission on sportscardforums website <link>
  • You have until June 30th to post it.
  • You must link the eBay auction that you won (to prove the price).
  • You must take a photo or scan of the card.

That’s it, that is all you need to become the KING OF THE $5 Patch card.  I’m very curious as to what people can get for five bucks as far as a patch goes.


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