When I got back into collecting cards in 1986 after a 4 year layoff, I stumbled across what would become one of my favorite sets.  From 1982 – 1989 Topps issued a small metal card set.  In the early 1980s it was made of brass, then pewter, then aluminum.  I have the sets from 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1999.  Below is the 12 card set from 1986.

The set included Reardon, Quisenberry, McGee, Coleman, Gooden, Evans, Murphy, Mattingly, Guillen, Rose, Saberhagen and Boggs.  The detail on the cards is what always impressed me:

These sets can still be found on eBay (where I was able to find these pictures since I am too lazy to go upstairs and dig them out of my collection).  The set runs about $5 and probably worth every cent.  Just for it’s kitsch value alone.  What do you think of the set?  If it was offered today would you purchase it?


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  1. CK says:

    I think they’re cool. I have the 1984 bronze set, which supposedly is valuable, but who knows in this day and age. Mostly HOFers which I like. I saw someone had the same set at a big card show last year and wanted $400 for it. That made me feel good.

  2. Eli says:

    I have never seen these before, they are pretty cool. Something worth keeping no matter the dollar value.

  3. ToddUncommon says:

    They should try another set of these again, make them with more funky metals (molybdenum?), and call them “Carbonite” or “Adamantium”.

    Even for non-sports sets; who wouldn’t want a Han Solo Carbonite card that looks like carbonite?

    “Adamantium” Wolverine cards? Pure genius. Plus, a benefit is that they are a little harder to crease, as long as they are thick enough…

  4. peterson says:

    Gold Label is and will continue to be, my favorite line from the time when I was not collecting. I have like 3 football, 2 hawkey and 3 baseball from a box break. Still can’t find a box for the right price.

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