Over the course of the past year, I have bought quite a few Panini items.  Both in basketball and football, and I don’t know about the rest of you but there is absolutely no creativity in their designs anymore.  They just rehash the same crap just oriented a little differently.  Personally I don’t understand it, it seems to me that the company has a put it out there and they will buy it mentality.

I understand the profit margin in cards and I know that it’s improtant to cut the costs of a lot of things associated with card production.  Coming up with new designs should not be one of them.  We give Topps and Upperdeck a tough time but they are so much more creative with their designs when compared to Panini.  I’ve started to spend some time researching sets of the 90’s when I really think the industry was at it’s most creative.

Over the next few weeks I am going to try and score some boxes of cards pre-2000, and outline some of the crazy designs some of the card companies came up with.  There needs to be more creativity in the releases, with the massive influx of out of work graphic artists out there, how can companies like UD, Topps and Panini look the other way.  If they are looking to move cards, and to bring more people back to the hobby, focus on creativity, that’s what hooked me in.

Being a custum card maker I can empathize with the card manufacturer’s, there are only so many designs you can do but come on panini, the Elite release hasn’t changed in years.  couldn’t you come up with something different? Anything would help it along.  Although to be fair, as long as we buy it, they will continue to shovel the same crap out year after glorious year.

Think the move to retro sets was a good one?  Think again, A&G has been great, but come one how many times can you put the same flipping design out there. Champs cards were nice, but 4 cards to a pack sucks.  I have had enough of National Chickle, T206, T205, Philadelphia, and OPC baseball that I can handle.  Keep it to the Heritage sets and move on.  What this industry needs is a strong kick in the butt.  Less auto gamers and more serial numbered inserts. Spend more money on designing creative new cards and less money on obtaining old bats that you destroy by chopping them up into little pieces.

Hopefully there are many of you out there that feel the same way as I do, something needs to change and I hope the industry figures it out soon before we all split.  How do you feel about the designs?



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