Just wanted to get my predictions out for the top 10 picks in the draft:

1. Washington Nationals – Bryce Harper – C – College of Southern Nevada – No brainer here, even if they invested heavily in Strasburg.  They have to draft Bryce.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates – Zack Cox – 3B – Arkansas – Even though they won’t pick Zack here, they need help soon and a high school player is 3 – 4 years away.

3. Baltimore Orioles – Manny Machado – SS – High School – They have drafted so many pitchers in the past years top rounds, it’s time to invest in position players.

4. Kansas City Royals – Jameson Taillon – P – High School – Might be the best pitcher in the draft but after last year’s pitcher brigade, he falls to the Royals, who need some serious pitching help.

5. Cleveland Indians – Drew Pomeranz – P – University of Mississippi – Best college pitcher in the draft and the Indians need to restock the minor league pitching shelves.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks – Chris Sale – P – Florida Gulf Coast – Second best college pitcher in the draft and the D-Backs need a front line starter.

7. New York Mets – Yasmani Grandal – C – Miami – Mets love drafting position players in the draft’s early rounds and Grandal is the best of what’s available.  He is a very consistent hitter and the Mets need that right now.

8. Houston Astros – Michael Choice – OF – UT Arlington – I just think the Astros need immediate help and although there are better high school position players out there, it’s a time issue and Choice seems likely to move through the system quickly.

9. San Diego Padres – Josh Sale – OF – HS – Josh is considered top 5 non- pitching talent and for the Padres to land him here, it would be a major win for the organization.

10. Oakland A’s – Christian Colon – SS – Fullerton – Christian is a college hitting machine and we all know Billy Beane likes the college route in the first round.  Perfect fit with the A’s.

Next 5 Pitchers:

Deck McGuire

Matt Harvey

Karsten Whitson

Asher Wojciechowski

Anthony Ranaudo

Next 5 Hitters:

Justin O’Connor

Nick Castellanos

Bryce Brentz

Delino DeShields Jr.

Stetson Allie

As we all know baseball is the biggest crap shoot when it comes to the draft.  This year’s crop is not quite as loaded as previous drafts, but there will probably be more major leaguers from this draft than last year’s first round.  What did you think of my assessment?  How would you change the order?  Are there any sleepers you are waiting on?


4 responses »

  1. Captian Sillie says:

    Pirates will not pick a 3rd baseman with ALvarez sitting at AAA and the team having so many needs.

    • chemgod says:

      They have just gotten torched on high schoolers lately, and Cox could shift to short or 2nd. Machado is too raw and I see him as a project with a big upside. Cox has the upside but is far less of a project.

  2. Kevin says:

    Dam the natinals if they get Bryce Harper and pans out they will be a dynisty

  3. Captain Sillie says:

    Andrew McCutcheon was the Pirates last high school first round pick. Not really a torch. Before that was neal Walker just called up but will never be more then utility player. Before that you had to go back to 2000. They went with a high school pitcher.

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