There are a few players in the minors that I have my fingers crossed for.  One of which is Chris Lubanski.  Lubanski was drafted in 2003, fifth overall by the Kansas City Royals.  In what I consider one of the weakest drafts in recent history Lubanski along with Kyle Sleeth, and Ryan Harvey are 3 of the top six that never appeared in a major league baseball game.

Sleeth has been retired since 2007 and Harvey (now on his second organization) will more than likely never see the majors.  Lubanski though, has a legitimate shot of cracking a major league roster this season.  Chris is on his second organization (Toronto) and is currently in Las Vegas (AAA).  He had always had a problem hitting AAA pitching, but something clicked this season and he is hitting really well.  So far through this season he is hitting 0.306/11/28, he still has a problem with strikeouts (1 in every 4 at bats), but he is finally making strides in his progression to the majors.

Lubanski has a cult like following when he was with the Royals and continues to be a fan favorite in Las Vegas.  Will he be a star in the pros? Probably not, but you have to respect someone who keeps going even when most “experts” were telling him to hang it up.  I hope he gets the call this season, even if it’s just for a week, I think he deserves it.  There was only one auction for an autographed card and it is pictured below.  Recently most of his cards have sold for around a dollar.  There are some lunatics out there that are charging ridiculous fees for some of his other cards <link>.  I’ve been on the lookout for an autographed x-fractor for lower than $10, if you see one or have one please let me know.  Chime in Lubanski fans!

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  1. deal says:

    Lubanski is a Philadelphia area product who played baseball with the son of a co-worker of mine. There are several Lubanski’s who have been very good athletes over the past few years.

    I am sure that this is true of many ballplayers at his level but he definitely had the reputation as a tireless worker.

    Thanks for the update and I hope to see him at the big league level at some time.

  2. martabusplaya says:

    I’m partial to Royals prospects. I always had high hopes for him. I’ve got his 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft auto, thirty UDPP base cards, and a half dozen T-205 minis. I’d love to see a 2010 Topps Update card of him.

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