Over the course of the past five years, Koby Clemens has had his ups and downs.  He has also shifted from catching duties to first base.  After a breakout season last year, he was rewarded with a trip to Corpus Christi (Houston AA) and finished with a 0.345/22/121 stat line.  This season he has remained in Corpus Christi and has really caught fire as of late.  He is now hitting 0.275/16/44 and it’s just the nearing the All Star break.

Koby was a late developer but he has finally come around and at some point should get the call to AAA.  At 26 he needs to be in the majors soon.  This should be where he starts to enter his peak years.  His numbers indicate that he should do fine at the major league level.   His cards are worth quite a bit on eBay.  Most of his autos are running about $8 – $20, mostly because he is Roger Clemen’s son, but now it appears because he is actually earning it.  A few weeks ago you could have had this card for $3 – $10 but with him being on fire recently forget about it.

So is it a buy or sell right now?  I’m thinking it’s a sell, as long as you get $10 a pop.  What do you think?

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  1. Captain Sillie says:

    Definitely a sell. Your new cuts look great by the way.

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