It’s been a bit slow on the through the mail front.  I got this one back today.  The custom card came out really good and when signed with a sharpie they look awesome!

Phil is widely considered one of the best american born hockey players ever to play the game.  In his 22 years, mainly with the Sabres and the Jets he put up over 1200 career points, which might not sound like much until you consider he was a defensiveman.  He was elected into the United States Hall of Fame in 2004 and I feel as though he deserves entry into the NHL Hall of Fame.  I sent this one via his home and got it back within two weeks.  One of the better hockey autographs in my collection. As an added bonus I found a great photo of him as a NJ Devil (he was a Devil for like 3 months).  Goes nice with the Broten I recently got back.


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  1. Chris C. says:

    I hope he gets into the Hall of Fame too.

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