Josh would be the first to admit that last year was not the greatest.  With the scandal that broke where he fell off the wagon and get with a couple of groupies:

Then throw in his injuries and after a season where he hit an amazing 0.302/32/130/9, he put up a bush league worthy 0.268/10/54.  His ebay value plummeted to the point where you could pick up some of his high end autographs for less than $25.  Most of his autographs were in the $5 bin.

Things have changed dramatically for the one time first overall pick for my home state of North Carolina.  So far this season he has hit 0.346/18/57/6 including going on a 21 game hit streak where he had a Rangers record 47 hits in the past month.  Things are definitely looking good for Josh as he has to be considered one of the front runners for the AL MVP award.

As far as his cards go now on the bay, this pristine Topps Update Hamilton autographed card went for $900.  A lot of his cards have been going for more than $100 a pop.  If he continues on his tear, his cards will go up even more.  It’s not too hard to believe that his best cards will be north of $1000.  Crazy but very true.


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  1. Rookie says:

    jesus seems to be back on his side…. but jesus can be a fickle creature

  2. Chris C. says:

    I think having a healthy Vlad Guerrero hitting in front or behind him has helped him at the plate.

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