I am not an NBA fan, I don’t like Miami and I don’t like Cleveland.  That being said I can now say with absolute honesty that LeBron James has admitted to the world that he can’t win a championship on his own.  The great ones all have, Jordan won six and Kobe won two by himself.  All we have seen from James is him quitting on the team when they needed him most.

James had a solid team in Cleveland.  Over the course of the past two seasons no team has won more.  The pieces were in place and with the signing of one more key figure, they could have been the team to beat.  No more though, Cleveland goes right back to where they left off the year they drafted LeBron, back to the drawing board.  LeBron joins Wade and Bosch in Miami and who knows maybe they will win a championship?

The point is, Wade is a closer, when the game is on the line he is your go to guy.  LeBron has never been that kind of player.  He has never had the end game instinct that so many of the greats have had.  LeBron has never put the team on his shoulders like Jordan did.  As talented as LeBron is, he is lazy, he relies on his talent (which is amazing in itself) and can’t create on the court.  He is a me first kind of player who can score oodles and oodles of points.  With 10 seconds left on the clock and down by one, you hand it to Jordan, Kobe or LeBron? Jordan or Kobe any day of the week.  In fact there are probably 10 more players I can think of who in their prime I would hand the ball to before I give it to LeBron.

He will no doubt end up in the Hall of Fame someday, and I’m sure he will make a run for a championship in Miami, but remember history has a nasty habit of repeating itself.  Just ask Orlando fans how well the Anfernee Hardaway / Grant Hill experiment went.  I am not a vindictive guy but if an injury along the line of Grant Hill’s kills this Miami team like Hill’s injury killed the Magic you just have to laugh at the irony.

LeBron’s cards will always keep their value and possibly even go up.  I will end with this, if the circus that was the LeBron Watch 2010 was any indication as to what kind of person LeBron is, hold on to your hats Miami, cause this could be a very bumpy finger pointing ride.


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  1. sanjosefuji says:

    Before I start… I wanted to say… you have a great blog! I enjoy reading your stuff.

    With that out of the way… I don’t think Lebron is lazy… nor do I feel that he’s a “me” first kind of player. However… I do agree with almost everything else you wrote.

    I’m neither a Cavs or a Heat fan… but I would have liked for him to stay in Cleveland. I enjoy it when players stick with the teams that drafted them. It’s rare since both parties (the team and the player) have to be loyal to each other.

    It’s not often that both parties want to be loyal to each other and that’s what makes players like Magic, Bird, Russell, Stockton, and West unique and special.

    Kobe, Nowitzki, Pierce, and Duncan (along with teammates Parker & Ginobili) still have the opportunity to finish off their careers with one team. Lebron’s decision took him off this list.

    His team was loyal to him. His fans were loyal to him. His city was loyal to him.

    Unfortunately for the Cavaliers, their fans, and the state of Ohio… he wasn’t loyal to them.

    His desire for what he believes to be an easier way to obtain a ring outweighed everything else. Did he break any rules? No… he has every right to go play with the Heat.

    However… in the long run… when Lebron looks back at his career… I THINK (as in… in my humble opinion) he’ll regret this decision. Even if he does win 7 championships with Wade (btw… I do smile at the fact that as long as they’re together, Wade will always have 1 more ring) & Bosh, he’ll always wonder if he could have done it without their help.

    Just look at Kobe… he spent years trying to prove that he didn’t need Shaq. Will this be Lebron in 6 years after his contract is up?

    Mr. James… you were the King of Cleveland. How does it feel to abandon your kingdom to become the Prince of Miami? I sure hope you find what you’re looking for, because if you don’t… it might just be the biggest regret of your life.

    Actually… in all honesty… I hope you don’t get your ring in Miami. If you do, then other players might end up doing what you did. Which is exactly what the NBA DOESN’T need.

    No… I’m not being a hater. I want James to get his ring… just not in this way.

    P.S. Did Prince James really need a 1 hour special to break the hearts of millions of Cavalier fans?

    • chemgod says:

      That one hour infomercial is what threw me over the edge. I didn’t really care where he went or didn’t go, but to shamelessly self promote like that killed it for me.

  2. nick Cee says:

    I also did not care where he went, the commercial, and the circus, especially here in NYC, bothered me. I think this selfish SOB has just hurt a franchise, and ultimately, will deal giant blow to the NBA. I will not watch a single game this year. I could care less where this ass clown went, he is selfish, and what really got to me is the fact is he said it was not about the money, but, if you do the math, LeBozo will make more with Miami. He will make 1 million more after taxes. I want to take this time to wish that he struggles for this, I wish LeDouche Bag never wins a championship and can join the ranks of his Miami brethren Dan Marino.

  3. You can pin this all on Lebron. ESPN is the bigger culprit here. Just watch the replay of the whole farce. Even while he is talking, they cut in and out of the studio broadcasts with commentary and vitriol. This is another reason why I no longer respect ESPN for sports coverage. They are the TMZ of sports and a joke.

  4. Mike says:

    Jordan won it all on his own? Kobe too? Did you even watch basketball? Kobe needed Shaq (back then it was Shaq needing Kobe) and Gasol, Jordan needed Pippen. Lets not forget all the MUCH better role players those guys had/have than the Cavs have had. They all have had a co-star or co-stars.

  5. Captain Sillie says:

    Lebron is not lazy or a me player. That being said Gray pitched the “infomercial” to James who then paid Gray to conduct the “interview” They sold it to ESPN who shold have turned it down. I beleive Miami will be like the Yankee’s you love them or hate them. It seems like it will be Wade’s team and I agree with Stan van Gundy about Bosh following him around like a lapdog

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