I figured that there would be maybe three or four responding to my help, but the truth is there are at least ten of you out there that have sent me scans of your tickets.  Everything from Wrestlemania to Stanley Cup playoffs.  Since I know that finding scans of ticket stubs are a real pain, I decided to open a page dedicated to people’s tickets.  I will separate it into different sports and years.

So keep the scans coming and let’s build this into the place to go to get high resolution scans of sporting events.  The reason I am doing this is to send out the printouts of the tickets to the athletes to sign, once they are returned I can encapsulate them in cut signature cards.  I just like the look they have over my other custom cards.

I have already sent out my first batch of tickets using the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team ticket to the game against the Russians, I am hoping to get all the team members to sign these copies of tickets.  Most of the members are very good about signing.  Here is a copy of the ticket:

I just shrunk the ticket down slightly so that it will fit inside one of my cut signature cards.  I will continue to post cards up on the ticket database page, starting today.


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  1. Eric says:

    Dang! $39.20 for that ticket. That’s $100.74 in today’s money. Didn’t think the IOC was gouging back then, but, of course they were.

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