In 1984 Donruss released their first Rated Rookies cards.  The choices weren’t too bad, but if they could have a do over, what would the perfect Rated Rookie cards for 1984 be.  Here are the originals:

27 Joel Skinner Rated Rookie
28 Tom Dunbar Rated Rookie
29 Mike Stenhouse Rated Rookie
30 Ron Darling Rated Rookie
31 Dion James Rated Rookie
32 Tony Fernandez Rated Rookie
33 Angel Salazar Rated Rookie
34 Kevin McReynolds Rated Rookie
35 Dick Schofield Rated Rookie
36 Brad Komminsk Rated Rookie
37 Tim Teufel Rated Rookie
38 Doug Frobel Rated Rookie
39 Greg Gagne Rated Rookie
40 Miguel Fuentes Rated Rookie
41 Joe Carter Rated Rookie
42 Mike Brown Rated Rookie
43 Mike Jeffcoat Rated Rookie
44 Sid Fernandez Rated Rookie
45 Brian Dayett Rated Rookie
46 Chris Smith Rated Rookie

Here is what I think the set should have looked like, given what happened during the 1984 season:

27   Dwight Gooden

28  Alvin Davis

29  Mark Langston

30  Kirby Puckett

31  Juan Samuel

32  Orel Hershiser

33  Dan Gladden

34  Tim Teuffel

35  Ron Darling

36  Mike Young

37  Roger Clemens

38  Carmelo Martinez

39  Mark Gubicza

40  Terry Pendleton

41  Al Nipper

42  Jeff Stone

43  Ron Romanick

44  Joe Carter

45  Kevin McReynolds

46  Sid Fernandez

Imagine if Donruss rolled this lineup out.  Would the most valuable regular issue set of the 1980s break the $500 value?  I mean take a look at the  1984 Fleer Update set which had the Puckett, Clemens and Puckett rookie cards.  Still has to be the most valuable sets of the 1980s.  Given the limited release of the 1984 Doruss set, plus the loaded rated rookies, by 1986 this would have become a set that rivaled some of the sets from the 60s and 70s.  It would have been hands down the greatest set for rookies since 1952 Topps.

I plan on doing a bunch of these Rated Rookie Redux.  It’s fun to look back at the sets with 20/20 vision.  Let me know if you would have put someone else in this set, who do you think deserves in?

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  1. jl says:

    Nothing will ever top the update fleer set 84, I don’t think that the 84 donruss set would be anything more than what it is today. Can’t wait to see your take on 88

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