One of my all time favorite sets from the 1990’s has got to be Topps Micro.  They were only issued as sets and can commonly be found in Target 100 card packs.  They are absolutely worthless (as this auction on eBay can attest to) but damn were they not the coolest cards.  Their size was about the size of a quarter and I’m guessing they would run 4 per regular cards if laid end to end.

Imagine some of your famous cards as micros, like a Stephen Strasburg rookie card.  Or how about a draft mini-set containing Bryce Harper.  In 1975 Topps did it as an experiment and not only were the 1975 design one of my favorite designs (you know back when they really cared about designing cards).  The 1975 minis are one of the most collected odd ball cards of all time.

These cards were about 70% of the size of the original, but I would love to see 50% or less productions like the Topps Micro cards.  Of course, being a custom card maker, maybe that is something I can do myself.  Who knows, maybe you will see some micro cards of yesteryear on this very site (hint hint).
Before that happens though I need to get my hands on some Topps Micro sets.  Hopefully that will happen soon enough, thanks to eBay or craigslist.  What do you think?  Is this something that you would buy?  Think of the possibilities of Chrome micros.

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  1. chemgod says:

    I forgot to mention 1986 fleer minis. Although it was not a complete set like Topps did, I loved that fleer design and I think I have like 4 of those sets.

  2. Paul says:

    Topps Micro should stay dead… you either had to leave them in a box or buy a stamp album & mounts to display them properly.

  3. A dealer at the big Chicago show a couple weekends ago had the whole 1991 set for something like $10. I almost bought it but then something shiny caught my eye and I walked away.

  4. tomseaver says:

    Didn’t they put these cards in Cracker Jack boxes too? I think I have some still in the paper covering they came in.

  5. night owl says:

    I had the ’92 Micro set at one time, but I ended up selling it as the cards were so small, you could barely even handle them.

    The ’75 mini set is about the right size for smaller set. You can handle them without dropping them all the time and worrying that they’re going to slip down the heating vent.

  6. Funny you mention it. We actually just acquired a few micro sets not too long ago. We have 91, 92, & 93 sets sealed. Feel free to email us (communitygum) (at) gmail and I’m sure we could work something out!

    That Maddux is pretty sweet, but looks mighty odd slabbed up like that.

    • tomseaver says:

      I just found my 1991 cards that I got in Cracker Jack boxes. I have about 50 of them and they came in two series. They are stained a little by the wrappers and possibly from the cracker jack stuff on the wrappers but they are still nice.

  7. jl says:

    Just bought the 87 fleer mini set, my local shop has a entire box of 1991 mini sets $10.00 for one, they are cool because they are far from the normal.

  8. Sal says:

    I think there was a set of small-sized 1985 Topps Baseball cards, that looked like the normal-sized cards. I’d like to have a set of those–as well as the oversized 1985 Topps Baseball cards too. That is the year I started buying sports cards 🙂

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