It’s been a long time since 2007 and 2008 when King Joba dominated to card world.  Since then the Yankees have essentially taken one of their best assets and ruined him.  First he was a set up guy, then he was a starter, now he is a middle innings guy and it’s not looking pretty.

Personally I think that the Yanks should just trade him.  Give him a chance to become the dominant closer he can be.  He used to throw in the 98s-99s, now he’s only hitting 93.  They have screwed up this once dominant pitcher and he now needs to get his confidence back.  Unfortunately that is not going to be with the Yankees.

His cards once fetched in excess of $100.  Considered an elite rookie card to own, and some of his Bowman refractor autos were fetching prices nearing $1000.  People were expecting him to be the next Mariano Riviera.  Instead they got the next Joel Zumuya.

Recently I’ve done a search on his cards on ebay and his autographed cards are now selling for between $5-$9 plus shipping.  If he doesn’t improve soon, it will be ready for the dollar bin.  No one wants to shell out more than $5 for a middle reliever.  Especially one with as much trouble as Joba has had lately on the diamond.  The two cards pictured below sold as a lot for $94 on eBay, a far cry from the hundreds just one would sell just a year ago.

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  1. Dion Soskin says:

    Should it have ever been alive the hype far outweighed the production and talent just because he throws hard doesn’t make him a great pitcher even Strasburg needs to do it for a long time!

  2. JasonP says:

    Yeah, I’m not hearing anything about the Aroldis guy…whatever happened to him?

  3. todduncommon says:

    Yep. Been dead for a while. The prince has turned back into a toad.

    There’s only so much crutch a Yankee uniform can give a guy’s cards. Just ask Melky Cabrera.

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