I have been thinking about this for a while.  I was trying to come up with a perfect list of baseball cards to own if money was no object.  However, I think I will have to do two lists, one of all time and the other from 1952 on.  The reason I chose 1952 is that is the beginning of the modern era.  Remember, this is if money was no object, also only larger releases were considered.  Also to be fair only one card per player can be used.

All Time Perfect Card Collection:

1. 1909 T206 Honus Wagner – about $3 million – Could I place any other card at the top of this list?  It is the most sought after card in baseball card history.

2. 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth – about $100,000 – The best card of one of the greatest baseball players in the history of the game.  If that isn’t enough, Goudy was one of the best designs of early baseball cards.

3. 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle –  about $75,000 – There may have been better players on the table, but it’s one of the more iconic cards of the modern generation.

4. 1911 T3 Turkey Red Ty Cobb – about $15,000 This was a tough call, Cobb’s card has to be here, I gave the nod to the Turkey Red card instead of the 1909 versions.

5. 1909 T206 Cy Young (bare hands) – about $20,000 – Another tough call because the E93 is much rarer along with the T3 Turkey Red, but I think this card is classier.

6. 1911 T5 Pinkerton Cabinets Joe Jackson – about $40,000 – Trying to find the best card of Jackson was tough.  He had so many releases in minor sets between 1909 and 1919, but this one is the best, if only for the amazing photograph.

7. 1954 Bowman Ted Williams – about $30,000 – One of the most important cards of Williams, who might very well be the greatest hitter of all time.

8. 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrig – about $15,000 – Tough to argue about this one, he is a must include player in this all time list and his Goudey card is his most valuable.

9. 1954 Topps Hank Aaron – about $8,000 – Sorry Barry, the best power hitter of all time.  This card and the design are just classic in my mind.

10. 1951 Bowman Willie Mays – about $80,000 – The best card of one of the best five tool players of all time.  Just had to include it.

I think I am going to leave the other lists for tomorrow.  So who did I forget?  Which set did I forget?  How would you change it?  Let us know how you would rank them!  Either by blog and linking it back here, or as a comment.  This should be interesting.


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  1. deal says:

    I understand going w/ the T-206 Cy Young because of the picture, but I would prefer one of the other cards. similar to the limiations of no 2 cards of one player, I think each set should be limited to 1 representative. The Honus Wagner pretty much has to be the T-206 rep so that would leave one of the other contenders for Cy.

  2. todduncommon says:

    A DiMaggio could crack the top ten. Maybe a 1940 or 1941 Playball.

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