It used to be the 500 home run club guaranteed to get you into the Hall of Fame.  In the steroid era though, it might take 600 homers.  That being said I feel as though Rodriguez should be in the Hall of Fame.  Even with the admission to steroid use.  At the age of 35 he sits with 600 homers as of today.  Now the guessing game begins.

He is 163 homers away from the record (*).  Of course that * designation could also be put on Rodriguez.  If he finishes with 30 homers this season he would have 614, putting him 149 homers away.  He is signed through the age of 41 which gives him six more seasons.  That would mean he would have to hit roughly 25 homers a year until he is 41.  Those are stats that he is fully capable doing.

The question is, can he make it to 41 years old.  Junior broke down at the age of 38, although he was a much more injury prone player.  A-Rod has already showed signs of slowing down.  He is no longer an average hitter.  He is more along the lines of a 0.265 hitter.  Home run wise, he is not going to hit 40 or more homers in a season.  In fact after this season I would be surprised if he hit more than 35 in a season.

A-Rod has always been a me first kind of player so I would doubt that he retires before his contract is up.  He wants the homer title.  3000 hits is also a lock for him since he is under 400 hits away from that milestone.  certainly Hall of Fame numbers, but will he get in?  There are plenty of voters out there that are on the record of steroids = no Hall.  He would definitely have to sway some of them.

Rodriguez deserves the Hall in my opinion, just like Barry does.  Through away the steroids crap, and try to tell me they didn’t sell the game of baseball in the 90s and 00s.  The Hall of Fame is just that, guys that a last name is sufficient, guys who you would pay to go and see.  That is my definition of a Hall of Famer.

As for his cards, due to his limited signings, the Rodriguez autograph is a tough find on the cheap.  Also considered one of the most faked autographs in the hobby, certified is the only way to go.  Those will run you in the neighborhood of $100.  Believe it or not, I would call it a buy.  As he gets closer to Bonds mark, it’s going to climb a lot higher.  The card pictured below had a price tag of $250 with no takers.  I would definitely want an A-Rod auto, would you?


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  1. Mryankee says:

    No doubt, Arod or Aroid, as all the Yankee haters call him. Hey im a 22 year Yankee season ticket holder, Yankees tattoo on my leg, and have lived in FL last 5 years, still go up for 3-5 games a year. Between tickets, hotels, food, spent this past weekend, outfield HR territory seats, with my 15 year old son. Tickets alone, due to sitting front row 1 game, 2nd row 2 games, spent about $850…did come within 1 row and 5 seats over from a Swisher HR ball, oh yeah, and it was a 245 mile drive from Ft Laud to Tampa…hey we had a great time….Im in on the Arod autographs, and authenticity is a MUST, when I got a 3 hour sale email from Steiner, 2 months ago, 8×10 world series trophey over head for $159.99, i was all over, todays Steiner 600 HR specials, WAY TO MUCH $$$, sure I want the pic of him hitting 600, but just signed, no 600 inscription, just autographed $409.99 with shipping, NO HAPPENING, I would buy PSA or James Spence, does anyone have trust, faith in GAI, I just dont know enough to buy…I know they are big authenticaters in Nascar, but outside of those 2 plus Steiner or Upper Deck…I dont trust any others, outside of the signed insert cards, barring a huge injury, i put him at 800 career HR, until proven wrong, with a 15-19 HR year, or the Hip, he will hit alot…700 will come in less than 3 years….800 seems inevitable, and on my list of fave Yankee players today….he’s not in my top 5, bottom of 10 yes…

  2. John Bateman says:

    It is not the Hall of Fame if Barry Bonds, Pete Rose, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, ALex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez is not in but Rick Ferrell who hit .250 with 40 HR is in.

  3. Drew says:

    Yeah… I definitely agree, these guys listed by John all changed the sport, whether through steroids or not.. and they are Hall of Famers. I don’t know if A-Rod will ever get the record, I sure hope so, because then a Yankee would be on top again! 🙂

  4. todduncommon says:

    Sorry, can’t land in the same bucket as you guys, with all due respect to a difference of opinion. These players cheated in a systematic way that is a form of racketeering that undermined the the believability of the product of the game and the integrity of competition. These liars made bad personal decisions, put pressure on less-talented teammates to risk their health just to compete, and have been rewarded beyond measure already. There is no need to shovel manure into another building to match the level on the field. To me, significant suspicion is reason enough to leave a player out of the HOF. It’s not a freaking entitlement. I don’t expect my view to win, of course, because in the end, laziness and permissive attitudes grind down even the most disciplined and perseverant.

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