As of right now here is the list of signings from the first round of the 2010 MLB draft:

# Player (Team) Signed Bonus
1 Bryce Harper (WAS) 8/16 $9.90M
2 Jameson Taillon (PIT) 8/16 $6.50M
3 Manny Machado (BAL) 8/16 $5.25M
4 Christian Colon (KC) 6/25 $2.75M
5 Drew Pomeranz (CLE) 8/16 $2.65M
6 Barret Loux (ARI) DNS
7 Matt Harvey (NYM) 8/16 $2.52M
8 Delino DeShields (HOU) 8/5 $2.15M
9 Karsten Whitson (SD) DNS
10 Michael Choice (OAK) 7/30 $2.00M
11 Deck McGuire (TOR) 8/16 $2.00
12 Yasmani Grandal (CIN) 8/16 $2.99M
13 Chris Sale (CWS) 6/22 $1.65M
14 Dylan Covey (MIL) DNS
15 Jake Skole (TEX) 6/9 $1.55M
16 Hayden Simpson (CHC) 6/19 $1.06M
17 Josh Sale (TB) 8/16 $1.62M
18 Kaleb Cowart (LAA) 8/16 $2.30M
19 Mike Foltynewicz (HOU) 6/18 $1.30M
20 Kolbrin Vitek (BOS) 6/14 $1.35M
21 Alex Wimmers (MIN) 8/6 $1.33M
22 “>Kellin Deglan (TEX) 6/9 $1.00M
23 Christain Yelich (FLA) 8/16 $1.7M
24 Gary Brown (SF) 8/16 $1.45M
25 Zack Cox (STL) 8/16 $3.2M
26 Kyle Parker (COL) 8/16 $1.4M
27 Jesse Biddle (PHI) 6/10 $1.16M
28 Zach Lee (LAD) 8/16 $5.25M
29 Cam Bedrosian (LAA) 7/14 $1.16M
30 Chevez Clark (LAA) 7/8 $1.08M
31 Justin O’Conner (TB) 6/20 $1.02M
32 Cito Culver (NYY) 6/18 $954K

I am going to continue to update this as the day progresses, but toi be honest I assume all of these will be end of the day signings.  Especially the top 10, with Harper, Tallion, and Machado going down to the final hour.  I expect all of these guys to sign with the only exception being Loux, the Diamondback’s 6th overall pick.

He flunked his physical and now the Diamondbacks are iffy on signing him.  If they don’t they get a 6th overall pick in next year’s draft.  If they do, it will probably be prorated (ala Tim Stauffer from a few years ago).  Stay tuned throughout the day for updates.  My final update today will be around 10pm.  My final update on the post will be Tomorrow morning at 6am EST.

Update (5:30pm EST) – Kaleb Cowert signed with the Angels and Stetson Allie signed with the Pirates.  It’s looking like the Dodgers are not going to sign Zack Lee.

Update (6:00pm EST) – Giants sign Gary Brown.

Update (9:00pm) – Reds sign Grandal.

Update (10:10pm) – Pirates sign Taillon

Update (10:20pm) – Covey, Loux  are not going to sign by deadline.

Update (FINAL) – This list is complete as of the 12am deadline

If you hear of a signing and it’s not updated in the post, leave a comment.


3 responses »

  1. PAB says:

    I don’t think Zach Lee is going to sign. Kyle Parker will be an interesting decission as well.

  2. tomseaver says:

    Lee signed with the Dodgers and Harper signed for 9.9 mil.

  3. tomseaver says:

    I forgot to add that my Mets signed Matt Harvey for about 2.5 mil.

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