So Tuesday rolls around and everyone is asking me, did you see what this kid Victor Cruz did last night?  I immediately thought back to a time long ago and thought about this card:

Then I thought, hey wait a minute, that Victor Cruz has been out of the game for a long time.  No the Victor Cruz everyone was talking about was the undrafted wide out from the University of Massachusetts.

It seems like every season we have one.  Someone drafted in the later rounds or not even drafted at all, comes into camp and just rises to the occasion.  The last big impact player I can think of that did something like that was Marques Colston.  There have been many though that have risen against odds to not only play in the league, but to star in the league.  Look at Tom Brady:


Drafted in the 6th round with the 199th pick.  He did OK for himself.  Which brings me back to Cruz.  After an incredible performance like the show he put on against the Jets, the Giants may have found some undiscovered gold.  His athletic ability is outstanding along with his concentration and desire to work harder than anyone in the building.

He entered the season as a long shot to make the roster.  Now he’s a long shot from not cracking the top 3 receivers on a team with no real serious threats.  One game doesn’t make a career, but it sure can start one.  Personally I hope he becomes a starter in this league.  We know he has the talent to do it.  Now he needs a chance to shine.

Of course, being an undrafted pick, there are no cards of him out there.  I couldn’t even find an autograph of him. Of course if he does make the Giants top 3 you can bet he will be in a few releases this year.  He could become this year’s version of Maques Colston.


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  1. Tim H. says:

    Very well written. As a DIE HARD GIANTS fan I could not find anything at all on this guy. I hope he does make the roster because I think Steve Smith is the only taking things seriously.

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