Although I love creating custom cards, another one of my passions is music.  One thing I had always hoped for was a greatest album / album cover art card set.  I have never seen one, at least of more than one music group, I decided that I would create a set.  I think it’s going to take on a look of the infinite card set.  I don’t want to set limits since there are so many albums out there that I love.  So I present to you my concept card (front and back).



I decided to pay homage to 1986 Topps for the front of the card.  However, I went a bit nuts on the back of the card.  I think it came out nice though.  So far I have come up with 2 cards.  I haven’t printed any out as of yet.  Something that I think I will do over the weekend.  If there are any band’s album art that you love, leave a message and I will try and create a card of them.


I updated the back of the card and what a difference! Ideas? Opinions?


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  1. beardy says:

    Awesome. I have a request…

    The Rolling Stones “Their Satanic Magesties Request”…. with the 70’s Kellogg’s style fake 3-D texture, just like the original.

  2. deal says:

    great idea – maybe have them in series’ – Punk, Classic Rock, HipHiop. My only consideration is to give part of the back some sort of uniformity. Top w/ comments in a motif similar to the cover and maybe bottom 1/3 have “statistica/demographic” information such as release date, Label, maybe Chart Position, and “Hit” single.

  3. My votes go for either

    The Cars – Candy O, because I love Pin-Up girl artwork

    The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper, because I still look at that today and try to figure out who everyone on the front is.

    King Crimson – In the Court of King Crimson, because it is just a shocking sketch drawing. If you stare at it too long, I think you will go insane.

  4. chemgod says:

    I am really loving the comments. I think I am going to redo the back of the card. I love the idea of demographics and statistica. As far as the covers go, St. Peppers, Candy-O (one of my favorites), KC, and the Stones will all be on there. I will work on the back a little more and then post it later today.

  5. Nick says:

    I would love to see The Who Sell Out album cover. One of the best in my opinion, definately funny and original.

  6. Offy says:

    This is something that has bounced in my mind as well, but I don’t even have the time to post anymore forget starting any type of project.

    This looks very cool. Can’t wait to see more of them.

  7. Bill says:

    Awesome Idea!

    Suggestions of acts – The Who, Metallica, RUN DMC, Michael Jackson, Madonna (just trying to think of huge or significant acts/albums).

    Is that the standard card size or did you have to adjust it at all? I think the tricky part about it is what would you do with something like the Metallica Black Album. Its immediatley recognizable but how would you distinguish the album from the name or album name.

    I like the idea of having more of a story on the back but the album stats may be more universal.

    You could potentially do alternate designs based on the type of music but then you get into categorizing music and people would complain about someting being categorized wrong.

    Sorry just thinking “out loud”.

    • chemgod says:

      I have already run into situations of black album art. I can put a border around the box to deliniate it from the border. I may do alternate backs on same of the cards. I’d love to send these out to get signed.

  8. Tribecards says:

    Awesome redesign for the backs! These are going to be fun to watch!

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