Every once in a while we hear stories about Maurice Clarett.  Normally they are not very good.  Including college violations, showing up to the compound overweight and under trained, drug deals, having a small armory in his car and jail time.  However, from Columbus Ohio comes a good story about our favorite troubled running back.

He did 3 1/2 years in a Toledo prison and 4 1/2 months in a lockdown dormitory.  Since leaving prison, he has gone back to Ohio State University and currently takes classes and works out on campus.  He is now 30 years old, a grandfather by NFL terms, but there isn’t so much wear on his tires as a normal NFL back at 30.  He has one goal and that is to make it back to the pros.

He was a hero at Ohio State as a freshman, where he scored the National Championship winning touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl.  To get back to the pros would be a very inspirational story, but first he has to get permission to leave the state of Ohio.  He wants to try out for the Omaha team of the UFL, the Nighthawks.  He needs clearance from an Ohio judge before that can happen and given his time served and his apparent want to improve himself, I hope he gets another chance.

The director of player personnel of the Nighthawks used to be in the same position with the Broncos when the Broncs took Clarett in the third round.  So the real question is, will he become a Laurence Phillips or Josh Hamilton.  I hope he goes the way of Hamilton.  If he has his head on straight and has a good support system, I can see him at least making the UFL team.  Whether or not he will get back to the NFL?  That’s a longshot.

The card below recently sold for almost $4 on eBay.  If he makes the UFL it would certainly go up and heck if he made it back the the NFL who knows?  Until then root for him to make the Nighthawks, then we will go from there.


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