• Is it just me, or is it time for Fernando Martinez to show us what he has? <link>
  • Don’t look now, the most promising farm system in the majors has to be the Royals.  At some point Alex Gordon is going to hit in the pros, then you have Eric Hosmer, and Mike Moustakas killling the ball in the minors.  Toss in 4 of the best lefties in the minors and they are going to mushroom in two years.
  • Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller is being treated for leukemia.  You couldn’t meet a better guy, this is a terrible story. <link>
  • I still can’t believe yesterday was Frank Thomas day, he is a first ballot Hall of Famer.  It’s just not right that he finished his career between Toronto and Oakland. <link>
  • If Vinnie Jackson sits out the entire season, will it even matter.  The guy has never even had a 70 catch season.  He is not a WR1 so he shouldn’t get WR1 money.  The Chargers should unload him, but hopefully not to the Seahawks. <link>
  • Don’t you just hate making an 8 million dollar mistake? How is Bryant even worth $8 million?<link>
  • Leaf cards is back and headed by former Razor chief Brian Gray.  My question is why revive the Leaf name to only produce Razor products? <link>
  • There are some event worn memorabilia worth serious cash <link>
  • Is anyone totally psyched about the latest poker card release? Me neither! <link>
  • Will Topps ever go back to different designs for baseball and football in a given year?  I wish the card industry would stop being so lazy.
  • If Topps put out an archive product that was a reprint of say 1966 Topps baseball.  But would have all those autos, chrome inserts, uniforms, etc., I think it would be product gold don’t you?

Just a few random thoughts from a random weekend.


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  1. darkship17 says:

    I’ve been suffering for a decade waiting for the Royals minor leaguers to make it to the bigs. It’s getting closer! And the Razor poker has been out for months. It’s pretty hit and miss but you can see tons of breaks over on BlowoutCards forum.

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