In this corner, putting up an average of 0.313, with 2555 career hits and 554 home runs is Manny Ramirez:

and in this corner hitting a career 0.301 with 2468 hits and 521 home runs is Frank Thomas:

I’m a Big Hurt guy myself, the fact he was never caught juicing is what seals it for me.  Had Manny not tested positive for PEDs, I would go with him, but I think a lot of us suspected he was using.  Thomas (barring any surprise PED scandal) should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  As for Manny, I’m thinking it might take a long time for him to get in.  He falls under the same category as Mark McGwire.  Very good number, but a cloud over them.

Who would you rather won?  Both cards are running about $30.


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  1. AdamE says:

    I was never much of a Thomas fan and in the next 15 years I see Thomas signing a ton of autos where I see Manny retiring to Brazil with his wife and not signing any, making the Manny auto harder to come by.

    After watching manny all those years in Boston I think hs has the best looking right-handed swing of all time. Plus I have Red Sox bias.

    • Mike says:

      This is hard for me, both were my two favorites from the 90’s and early 00’s. I’d have to give the edge to Frank Thomas. The fact that Manny used was a real disappointment for me. I’m not sure when he started to use, but the fact he did even once, gives the edge to Thomas.

  2. jl says:

    Frank by far, the most pure besides Griffey in the 90’s, sure his attitude was not the greatest, but Big Hurt was the man.

  3. Drew says:

    I was never a huge Thomas fan, but since I’m a Yankee, I’d go Frank Thomas all the way.

  4. jswaykos says:

    For the card, I guess the Thomas. As for on the field, it’s gotta be Manny. Just using the three stats you gave, Manny beats him without question. Both equally feared, though…

    The edge, still, goes to Thomas, because he had his own video game and ruled the hobby (along with Griffey) in the 90s.

  5. Chris C. says:

    Frank Thomas, hands down!

  6. Rookie says:

    The Big Hurt, no question

  7. r barreto says:

    Most of the arguments I hear and read are not saying that “the BIG HURT” is not worthy of the HOF. The question is whether he deserves to go in on the 1st ballot. And I agree that his incredibly drastic fall in B.A. hurts his legacy. But you have to factor in the severe foot injury he suffered in the late stages of his career. It completely changed his swing and he was never the same hitter afterwards. And, unlike guys like A-Rod and Manny, who chose to use steroids to accelerate their recoveries from injury, he stayed clean. And, as he aged, his huge 6’5″, 275-lb frame did not allow him to remain in the upper echelon of high-average hitters. Forget the issue of his being a DH for the latter part of his career; the stats he produced for the first 8 years as a big leaguer are unparalled. In terms of production, his average, RBIs, hits, HRs and walks are matched or exceeded by only 3 other HO-Famers (look it up). AND HE DID IT WITHOUT ABSOLUTELY NO TAINT OF P.E.D.s. Only Griffey Jr. is in his class over the same time period. All other are disqualified by their alleged use of “juice”. If Frank Thomas is not a first ballot electee, then the HOF has lost all credibility and every BBWA voter who leaves him of his ballot should have his voting privelege revoked.

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