So what were you doing in 1997?  Max St. Pierre was just 17 and entered into the Detroit farm system.  Yesterday Max got the call up to the majors after 14 long seasons in the minors.  Although he may never get too much playing time catching for the Tigers, he can finally say, that if you don’t give up and follow your dreams you can achieve your dream.

September is usually the time where we get to see the next generation of super stars.  It’s also the time when players like Max,  who have toiled in the  minors forever, get their one cup of coffee.  Max’s rookie card was from the 1997 Royale set, it contained an autograph.  Although I have seen it  online, I have not seen it on eBay.  He also has some minor league cards from various Erie team sets.

I really just wanted to wish Max the best  of luck with this call up.  He has earned it, that’s for sure.  Even if he never makes it back to the majors, he can actually be referred to as a major leaguer.  It’s never too old to be a rookie (30 this year).


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  1. Dave H says:

    Great to see him get a hit in his debut game. Really loved the prank that Johnny Damon played on him!

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