He had to beat out an injured Byron Leftwich and a fragile Charlie Batch, Dennis did it though and now is the field geeral for at least one NFL start.  If he falters the job will likely fall back to Batch, but at least for one week he is a starter on a very good Steelers team.  Dixon, a 2008 5th round draft pick, has managed to stick around and now his work has paid off.

Dixon wasn’t supposed to make the Steelers ad that’s why there are tons of his autographs out there from his rookie year.  As a standout for the Oregon Ducks in college, it is refreshing to see him get a shot, even if it’s only for at most 4 weeks until Ben Rothlisberger gets back from suspension.

His rookie autograph is one of my favorites.  As a PAC-10 guy, I have seen him play many times and always felt he would be a solid pro.  This could be the chance he needed.  His first chance came in 2009 when he started in one game.  He held his own, although the Steelers lost in overtime.  This time though he has more experienced.  So who is up for a Dennis Dixon rookie autograph?  The one below went for nearly $90 recently on eBay, I can’t imagine this card went for more than $50 in the off season.  It’ll probably drop again, but man what if he excels in these next 4 weeks?


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