If you had $25 to blow on an autograph:


The reason I ask is that although Emmitt is a Hall of Famer, his final Cardinal years were sad.  Are we seeing the same thing with LaDanian? Will his Jets years be better than Emmitts Cardinal years?  LaDanian in a Hall of Famer himself. So basically it comes down to taste.  For me, it LaDanian all the way, even if the Emmitt is worth more.


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  1. the sewingmachineguy says:

    Mary Anne for sure.
    Um… er… the Emmitt for me.

  2. Sam says:

    Personally, although I hate the Cowboys with all the hatred one could fathom for a football team… if you’re talking about the two examples above, I’d spend my $25 on the Emmit Smith. Not only would it be worth more, I just think it’s a nicer looking auto than LT’s in this instance…

  3. Spankee says:

    Gotta take the Emmitt. On card > sticker, especially since the auto goes off of the sticker. The whole layout of the Emmitt is better…good picture, less fluff.

  4. In this particular case…

    Emmitt over LT. Because:

    1. The Emmitt is an on-card auto
    2. The LT auto goes off the sticker so some of it is missing and it is really noticeable. For me, asthetics in a PC are paramount.
    3. Emmitt is a current HOFer (LT is most certainly in down the road) but let’s be honest, you aren’t likely to go to a memorabilia/card show and see Emmitt signing for $25. Maybe 10X that if you are lucky.
    4. Although it appears there is a bit of a ding in the corner of the Emmitt, the 97 Leaf cards look much nicer than the recycled Upper Deck design we have all seen a million times.
    **side note – – I hate Emmitt Smith. Well maybe not hate but strongly dislike. And I would still pick the Smith card because of the preceeding comments.

  5. dayf says:

    Sticker auto awfulness aside, those ’97 Leaf autos are all on 8×10 large sized cards that look really really good in person. I’d drop the $25 on that in a heartbeat.

  6. Chris C. says:

    L.T. because he can still take over the top running back spot for the Jets. I belive he is in better physical shape than Emmit Smith at the time of changing teams.

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