What is going on with the Denver Broncos? First they take Tim Tebow in the first round of this year’s draft, now they have traded for an unproductive backup running back in Laurence Maroney.  Once considered Corey Dillon’s heir apparent, never lived up to the hype.

He never rushed for 900 yards in a season, let alone 1000 yards.  Originally drafted out of Minnesota after setting multiple records there, he was supposed to be the next big thing in New England.  He was not a good receiving back, catching just 40 passes in 4 years.  Imagine if the Patriots actually had a decent running game those past years.  They would have been unstoppable.

Now he moves on to Denver for a 4th and 6th round pick, that let’s face it, they would screw up anyways.  As much as I am a Knowshon Moreno fan (he went to my high school), I think he’s just another Laurence Maroney himself.  A flashy college back that will never live up to his hype.

So does the Denver backfield, which by the way is starting to resemble the Patriots backfield, go with a two or possibly three back system?  At this point I really have to question what the Broncos are up to.  Meanwhile, Maroney’s cards which at one point were worth hundreds are now able to be had for less than $10.  The dual autograph card listed below which at one point was worth well over 100 dollars, can be had for $9.99.  Are his cards worth it?  I guess if you are a Maroney fan, but how many of those of us are?


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  1. Mike says:

    I am! I am! haha I’m from Minnesota, and root for the Golden Gophers! (yeah we should be div II) Past and current players. I don’t think Maroney is a starter in the NFL, but being in NE didn’t help him either. The type of system they run ithese days, is not RB friendly.

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