If I were Tyler Colvin I wouldn’t be outside during a lightening storm.  File this accident under one in a million long shots.  While standing on third base, he was STABBED by a shard of Welington Castillo’s maple bat.  He was hit so hard, that it punctured his chest and lung.  Don’t worry Cubby fans, he scored on the play. That’s right, punctured lung and all, he motored home a run. Video of the event:

He was rushed to Jackson Medical Hospital in Miami where he is listed in stable condition.  Really some tough luck for the former first round draft pick.  He was having a rather productive rookie season.  His stats so far were 0.254/20/56, and his hat was firmly in the Rookie of the Year talk.  Even if he had finished the season, he would probably not win it, but for someone who wasn’t expected to be in the majors until next year, he did alright for himself.

Colvin broke camp with the Cubs and never looked back.  You can bet he will be back next season roaming the outfield for the Cubbies.  In the meantime, lets get that lung all patched up and rest it up.  I can envision Colvin being a mainstay in Chicago for a while.

As far as his cards go, his ebay value is hovering in the $10 – $15 range.  Which might be a bit high, however you can expect that as he plays longer his value will probably go down, just because of the rookie spike in price.  Figure a good price to see his cards at would be between $2 – $5.  At that point it would be a buy!


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  1. Chris C. says:

    The Video was pulled by MLB.com.

  2. darkship17 says:

    The bat didn’t puncture his lung just his chest wall. The chest wall then was filling up with air and they were afraid it might cause a collapsed lung.

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