I know a lot of my readers and fellow bloggers out there play Madden Football.  One of the things I really love to do is pick the worst team and see if I can win it all.  Of course what fun is it to pick the worst team and use their players?  No fun at all.  So I took the Cleveland Browns and blew up their roster.  The first thing I did was get a new QB, I got Josh Johnson.

He may not be a star in real life, currently a backup on the Tampa Bay Bucs, but in Madden he might as well be Michael Vick 2.0.  I am a firm believer in speed and throwing on the run.  Johnson is one of the speediest quarterbacks (including acceleration he is faster than Vick), but he has decent accuracy.  Like I said I know this is just for fun, but when you can roll up 4500 yards passing and 45 touchdowns in a season with him, it’s just fun to see.

So of course now I find myself as a Josh Johnson fan.  A little history behind Johnson, he is a cousin of Marshawn Lynch.  He was a 3 time All American at San Diego University where he has the career records for passing yards (9599 yards) and touchdowns (113).  He also has the record for the All Time NCAA leader in passer efficiency.  All that and he is a dual threat QB that racked up over 2000 yards rushing in college.

Unfortunately this doesn’t translate to NFL success, but in Madden he sure is a ton of fun to play with.  As far as his cards go, you can get them for cheap (as to be expected).  The one pictured below ran $2 on eBay, and many like it run between $1 – $5. Although there will likely be no increase in his value, it sure is fun to root for an underdog.  Who are your favorite Madden Gods?

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  1. Spankee says:

    Once Madden updates the roster ratings for how Vick has played this year, no one will be able to touch him.

  2. Mike says:

    Mid-late 90’s it was Kirby Dar Dar. He was a FA WR, and a solid pickup.

  3. JRo says:

    QB Joe Hamilton out of Georgia Tech. A heisman candidate, with all the tools for Madden success. His only NFL play was a run for a 2 yard loss, with a fumble, but in Madden he led my franchises to titles again, and again. There are a bunch of them, but Hamilton was one that was a favorite of mine for a while.

  4. Trent says:

    Kirby Dar Dar is perhaps the greatest Madden Free Agent of all time. Excuse I misspoke. Kirby Dar Dar is the greatest FA in history of video. In Madden 99′ franchise mode, the first franchise mode ever I believe Kirby became the first pick up in every new franchise. His opening year he started at a 72 overall and in the 2nd year of the franchise would quick progress to 90 and by year three a 99. I get a little emotional when I think about what Kirby Dar Dar has meant to my Raiders madden franchise. We couldn’t take out Tim Brown but, Kirby was always intrumental in our deep playoff runs.

    Kirby is now the Director of the Boy and Girls Club in Syracuse. I think him at night, his blazing speepd, 99 hands, and low salary which kept us under the cap for years. I love Kirby Dar Dar. That is the true measure of a Free Agent.

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