There is a great story making the news about a Colts rookie who told Peyton Manning that he should look his way because of a cheating corner.  Blair White started his first professional football game this year last Sunday.  He served as the third receiver behind Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie.  There is a great story behind White that needs to be told.

As a high schooler, White had 63 receptions for 800 yards and 10 touchdowns.  He attended Michigan St. and walked onto the football team.  In 2008 he was awarded a scholarship (his junior year), and went on to be a four year letterman ranking 12th in career receptions, 15th in career touchdowns and 16th in career yardage in Michigan St. history.  The receiver no one wanted left his mark as one of the best receivers in school history.

Did that get him drafted in the 2010 draft?  He was considered to be one of the 20 best receivers in the draft.  He went undrafted and in April 2010, he was signed by the Colts as a rookie free agent.  He immediately began his off season workouts and according to Manning received quite a few reps during the offseason.  He had a strong pre-season this year, but it wasn’t enough and he was released.  He signed a practice squad contract soon after and worked on the scout team.

Due to injuries, White was signed from the practice squad to the starting roster.  He repetitions with Manning in the offseason paid off. As he had three receptions for 27 yards and one touchdown.  The best of the receptions came as the Colts were trying to pad their lead and he suggested to Manning that his corner was cheating to the inside.  White ran a slant-out pattern and completely fooled his corner.

With three catches and a TD thrown from a future Hall of Fame player, you would think his dreams have been achieved.  I don’t think this story is over though.  White is a tireless worker and even though he may never have the talent of a Reggie Wayne or a Randy Moss, sometimes brains beats skill (see Steve Largent).  So if you are going to root for a player this season, consider the wide receiver no one wanted, Blair White.

As for his card value, you can get nearly any of his autographs for a dollar.  Will they increase in value?  Who knows, but it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon after his first performance.

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