Another undrafted gem was found after this draft.  Max Hall a three year starter for BYU was signed by the Cards just after the draft.  He sat 4th on the depth chart behind Lienart, Anderson, and John Skelton (5th rounder from 2010 draft).  The cards just fell perfectly for Hall (no pun indented), with the trade of Lienart to the Texans,  the complete meltdown of Anderson, and no faith in Skelton.  Max Hall finds himself in a position that is quite rare.  An undrafted rookie starting for an NFL team.

I don’t have my rainbow glasses on, I have no pretense that this is going to be a steep learning curve for Max.  By going to Hall the Cardinals are effectively giving up on their season.  To me that means they are all in on getting the first overall pick.  My guess is they are going for Jake Locker. So the question is can Max Hall become a star in this league.  Odds are no, but I am actually rooting for the underdog, and I’m a Seahawks fan.

You have to respect a guy that stays true to his family and faith and is able to overcome his short-comings that scared NFL teams from drafting him.  As for his autographed cards, the Bay is going nuts for Max.  His Sweet Spot rookie card which I think may be his only autographed rookie card runs between $18 – $24.  I think the price may be a stretch but if he has a decent game this week, look out, cause everyone loves a starting QB rookie autograph.


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  1. Chris C. says:

    Reminds me of what happened to somebody who once played for the Rams, named Kurt Warner. 🙂

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