It’s been a tough few years for Shawne Merriman as we watched his career go from one of the most dominating defenders in the league to a career threatening  injury.  Yesterday Merriman was placed on the IR meaning that when he comes back from injury the Chargers will have to release him.  With the injuries he has sustained during his career, this is probably his last stop in the NFL.

Merriman started off as the 2005 12th overall pick in the draft.  The pick was part of the Manning-Rivers trade, which at first seemed like a slam dunk for the Chargers, now seems like a push.  Rivers has turned out to be a fine quarterback, arguably better than Eli.  Merriman is essentially out of the game, so I look at it as a wash.  Of course Rivers does need to bring a Super Bowl to San Diego before it’s completely even.

There was a time when Shawne was compared to Laurence Taylor, and it was completely justified.  He was a monster defensively, awarded a couple of trips to the Pro Bowl. His value as an autographed card should not have changed. He was one of the best defensive players in the league if only briefly. His card values have stayed mostly stagnant over the past year. Most hovering between $3 – $10 on ebay. The card pictured below went for $1 recently, and I consider that a bargain. What are your feelings toward Shawne?


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  1. chuckneo says:

    My feelings are that he was on steroids – he’s a prime example where I never understood why he was given a pass and baseball players are crucified. In football even moreso than baseball, PEDs like Steroids gives a clear competitive advantage. Plus, he tried to (I would argue successfully) dupe the public by saying “the truth” would all come out in the end, hoping we’d forget about it.

  2. Chris C. says:

    I think Merriman may get a chance with another NFL team, it’s a cap move. The Chargers have of a history of throwing away people like, Jason Witten, Michel Turner, Jr Seau, Drew Brees and LT.

  3. Dion Soskin says:

    Maybe My Baltimore Ravens will give him a look we need a pass rusher and I believe he’s a local boy from U of Maryland might work-out???????????

  4. Corky says:

    I think even with the injuries and the cloud of steroids Merriman will be picked up by a team in need of defenders and end up playing another season or two, though most likely at a much diminished capacity.

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