There has been a lot of ranking of the four aces of the remaining playoff teams.  I figured it would be a great who would you rather.  Of these four, who would you rather have?

Cliff Lee

CC Sabathia

Tim Lincicum

Roy Halladay

Call me crazy, but I love the Halladay card.  All the cards run between $100 and $200.  Which one would you want? Which Ace would be yours?


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  1. Mike says:

    I think all four of them hold an interesting merit of being cards that are “lacking something.”
    Lee has been on four teams in less than four years, and at some point was dominant with all four of them, yet he is not a hobby hero. Him as an Indian seems like a folk story.
    Sabathia did well with the Indians, but really made his mark with Milwaukee before taking the cash to front the Yankees. And that card is lacking about 50 pounds.
    Lincecum is really the only mainstay of the group as a bona fide hobby “star”, and ironically, that photo you cannot see the flowing locks that adds to his legend. And his autograph is not very attractive, either.
    Halladay was a beast in Toronto before moving to Philly, where he is still a beast and gets extra credit for now being in the center of the east coast hype market. I think visually his autograph is the best of the lot, although I disagree that the card is all that appealing.
    I might take the Lincecum card just because he has the potential to be a Giant a lot longer than the other guys have of staying with their teams. Otherwise I might settle on the Halladay card.

  2. Spankee says:

    I’ll take the Halladay all day long. Postseason no-hitter…that’s all that needs to be said.

  3. ig4mer says:

    I’m a Mets fan so I’m not too crazy about Halladay (Phillies), CC (yankees) and even Cliff Lee (soon to be Yankee) so I guess that leave Tim Lincecum.

    Funny story about Cliff Lee though. Remember when he was a crappy pitcher and a bust? In fact my brother pulled his autograph from a repack of all places a couple of years ago and was disgusted and threw in his common hits box. Me with my strange memory of all our pulls recently recovered the card from the commons box and now put it in a toploader where it belongs.

  4. Chris C. says:

    I woud give the ball to Lincicum. All his pitches come from the same arm angle, with a full body pitching motion.

  5. Rookie says:

    Lincecum no doubt

  6. Drew says:

    CC. I’m a Yankee fan, how could I not choose him? I also would love to have Halladays auto because I’m a big fan that cant afford it right now. I have a Lee auto from Tribute, Lincecum would be nice to add too though. Tough question!

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