Our very first brag photo of the week comes from Raymond of the blog Shot Not Taken.  He wanted to share this amazing pull from a TRIStar Sigma Cuts Limited Edition Box he purchased.

This bad boy runs from $50 – $75 and boasts a very impressive checklist as seen below.  Raymond paid between $50 – $55 for his box.

I’m with Raymond on this one, I think I would buy this just to get a crack at some of the deceased cut signatures.  Of all the players on the checklist, it seems to me, and Raymond as well, that chances are you are going to get a pretty sweet autograph.  Not only that, but it’s encapsulated by Beckett, so no authentication necessary.  After all this is said, Raymond proudly presents his Brag Photo of the week!

That’s right a barely readable, Candy Maldonado autographed 1982 Donruss card.  Candy of course is famous for hitting for the cycle on 5/4/1987.  You don’t even get the whole Candy card.  I mean it wouldn’t be a cut signature if the card wasn’t cut right? So in essence, they took a worthless card, had a marginal”star” sign it, cut it up (making a worthless card even more worthless if that’s even possible), have Beckett seal it (you know the guys over at Beckett were laughing over this one), and sell it for $50 – $75 a box.  So on this box they made about $49.50 (assuming 50 cents for packaging).  I think that if I had laid out that kind of coin for this box, I would cry, draw myself up into a fetal position and chat over and over “Candy Maldonado? F***ing Candy Maldonado? Noooooo!”  Then after I had accepted the fact that I got Candy Rolled, I would hurl it against the wall, hoping the case would crack (but probably not and now I have to fix the hole in my wall), so that I could take the card and make a video of me cracking the case and lighting the card on fire.  It would be a blog hit I’m sure of it.

Instead Raymond decided to keep the card, where you might wonder? “I honestly can’t remember where I threw the card to after i pulled it.” Raymond said, and after a day worth of searching he added, “The card is definitely for trade.  It took me a little while but I found the card and it is in hand.”  So if anyone is interested in this card, please email me or Raymond (through his website).  If there are no takers, I am going to trade him, and do something creative with the card.

So on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad was this pull?

I give it a solid 8.


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  1. night owl says:

    I don’t think I’d come out of my room for two weeks if I pulled that card.

  2. R.N. Coyote says:

    That is completely depressing to pull this gutted up mess. It would make me turn my back on the current hobby and stick with collecting junk wax days.

  3. Paul says:

    I’m sure that there are people out there who would want Candy Maldonado’s autograph.

    There can’t possibly be anyone who would want Candy Maldonado’s autograph on a card that has been butchered and slabbed by Beckett.

    Everyone who rails at sticker autographs needs to realize that there are worse options. 😦

  4. JBob says:

    I’d give it a 9 at least. Ugly, check. Stupid, check. Worthless, check. Yup no reedeming value.

  5. […] or sketch cards. Oh also don’t forget to check out Bad Wax’s inaugural (Anti?) Brag Photo of Week which happens to be my Signa Cuts Candy Maldonado autograph. It’s real bad I tell ya. […]

  6. […] Wax started his brag photo series with a PAINFUL cut. I’m going to love this series, I can already […]

  7. todduncommon says:

    I’d go ahead and give that a “Pristine 10”.

    Box-pack price more than a full tank of gas? Check.

    Encapsulation does not equal Authentication from the “A-Number-1 Okey Dokey Dr. Jones Hobby Authority”? Check.

    Supar-fancy, glitzy, and truly tragic Franken-card? Check.
    (Heck, it’s not even really a frankencard. That would involve putting Castrated Candy into another card first, before Beckett gave him his acrylic sarcophagus.)

    This is just about everything wrong with cards today, all in one place. What I’d like to see now is to crack the case, glue on a “relic”, and then tape the case shut, and try to sell it on eBay as a 1/1. Then, and only then, can Ragnahobbyrock come to pass.

    I’m sure that there’s a bad pull out there that goes to 11, somewhere.

    Maybe something like a “vintage autographed baseball”, where all you get is a box containing a strip of leather, a bunch of twine, and a pen.

  8. todduncommon says:

    OK, yeah, so it is a real Frankencard at second glance. The first time I saw the image, I didn’t catch the TriStar frame that they use to call the card “theirs”.

  9. […] chipping in his little Brag Photo of the Week aka Worst Pull Ever segment with my dismal Signa Cuts Candy Maldonado cut auto. The auto is just awful and the only redeeming thing about is that I got a cool story out of it. […]

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