Just one look at these cards is enough to think the guy didn’t mind the bong during his playing days.  However on second thought could it have been narcolepsy?  If that was the case would he be one of the greatest players of all time if it didn’t look like he could fall asleep at the drop of a hat? It makes you wonder with his eyes at half mast, how did he ever see the ball he was going to hit?

With a career batting average of 0.295 including over 2200 hits, this former MVP and four time All Star looks very tired, in all his pictures.  I’m sure he’s not stoned, but what could it be, why so tired looking.  I mean how the heck did he have the energy to swipe 352 bases in his career?

We have to look to his teammates for more clues, first up Vince Coleman. From Wikipedia:

After leaving St. Louis for the Mets via free agency, Coleman tripled his salary, but his career took a quick downward spiral. Coleman was one of three Met players named in a complaint filed by a 31-year-old woman in Florida, although prosecutors did not pursue charges in the case. In April 1993, Coleman injured Dwight Gooden‘s arm by recklessly swinging a golf club in the clubhouse. Three months later, Coleman was charged with endangerment when he threw a lit firecracker into a crowd of baseball fans waiting for autographs in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. The explosion injured three children, including a two-year-old, Amanda Santos.

Clearly the guy knew how to party and without a doubt could have led to the fatigue of Willie McGee.  How about Ozzie Smith and his dazzling play in the field.  Just watching him play made me tired and I only watched a few games a year.  Just think what it was like watching him for a 162 game season, just exhausting.


This is where the readers need to come in.  I need to know your opinion on the subject.  I’m sticking with my original idea of a hard partying stoned guy.  I’m curious though, what do you think.  With all the card photos he took where he looked absolutely out of it, there has to be a logical reason.  You Make The Call . . .

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  1. Kinda harsh treatment. I’ve lived in St. Louis for 20 years, and the guy is not a stoner. That said, he’s no movie star, neither.

    The local TV news found a stadium worker that looked a whole lot like McGee, and when they asked him to strike a batting stance, he made the same goofy face too. Everyone cracked a chuckle in the newsroom.

  2. John Bateman says:

    The is ET Willie McGee

  3. Jeremy says:

    I think he loved to party. I once saw him after a spring training game in ’99. The first thing he did after getting on the bus was pop open a beer.

  4. Nick Cee says:


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