This was a staple when I first started blogging.  I decided to bring it back, when I stopped at Walmart over the weekend and found a value pack rack pack of 2010 Topps Chrome football.  As I always have loved the chrome, I thought what the heck and at $9 for three packs and three refractors, it seemed like a decent deal.

Maybe I have become snobbish, but I really do love the chrome series.  You just don’t get the feel from bland cards.  I love refractors and xfractors, throw in the replica rookie cards and I’m all in.  So here is the pack:

The configuration is simple.  Three packs of cards and three orange border refractor cards.  Here were the hits:

The card scans obviously don’t do this set justice.  Being a fan of the Seahawks, I love the Okung card.  Also I think at some point Dwyer could be a star in this league if given the chance.  The Lewis is numbered to 555 and the purple border is just perfect with the purple Ravens logo.  The Chris Johnson orange border was a nice bonus.  I love the gridiron lineage cards and I know the Tebow is pretty popular right now.  Finally you get an xfractor every third pack so I knew I would get one and although TJ Ward isn’t a household name, he fell just out of the first round and was the 38th overall selection in this year’s draft.

Now for the bad wax (my favorite):

There were a ton of rookies in these three packs, thinking that was abnormal, I headed over to the Topps site to look at the checklist, and sure enough nearly half of the set is rookies.  To be honest I love this idea!  Sure having rookie cards of guys that never made the final cut kinda sucks, but if you are a fan of college football, you would never get a chance to own a Jon Crompton card.  The Riley Cooper card is cool just because he was a dual sport athlete (Rangers and Eagles) but chose football over baseball.  Decker has been injurey bug his entire college and pro career, when he is healthy he is very good, but that doesn’t happen to often.  The veteran cards are blehh.


The Good: TJ Ward Xfractor, serial number Ray Rice, Refractor Johnson, Gridiron Lineage, Okung and Dwyer rookies. Love team name logos on the cards instead of team logos. Lots of rookies!

The Bad: Not a whole lot.  The veteran cards are going to be only so exciting.  Wish I got a reprint rookie.

The Verdict: 4 out of 5 chrome reflectors.

PS – All cards are up for trade, I am looking for rookie reprint chrome cards.


2 responses »

  1. Dion Soskin says:

    As a Raven fan and season ticket holder I’d love the Ray Lewis what would you want for it? Let me know what your thinking. Thanks, Dion

  2. JL says:

    I picked up one from wal mart, got the Jim Brown RC chrome Reprint, and a Andre Johnson purple refractor. So for $9.00 I was not disappointed.

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