Don West is back and better than ever with his new website called Wild West Deals.  He is still louder than Billy Mays and can still get you pumped up about garbage cards:

$70 for a nice steaming pile of junk wax, including the shameful 1987 Topps wax box is just too much for words to describe.  On one hand that’s a ton of crap for $70, on the other hand it is what it is, crap and a lot of it.

I wish Don the best of luck with the site, if anything it will be entertaining.  I can’t count the number of nights that I went to sleep with his shouting “GEM Mint 10 Rookie Card!!!!!!!”  in the background.  Nearly as good as sounds of nature to fall asleep to.

Baseball card blow out, you make the call, deal or no deal?

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  1. votc says:

    Did you catch him on our radio show 2 weeks ago?

  2. Mike says:

    Is that the same guy from the ol’ shop at home tv show? My brother and I would stay up and watch it when we were kids. When we would save up enough money for a box, we would put on a show while opening it. We tried to act like those guys… wow haha

    btw that is one crappy deal.

  3. Mike D says:

    He’s still a pitchman, and just as I remember him as a kid watching those shows at 2 a.m. on a weeknight – dieing and praying I would afford that Rated Rookie package with Alomar, Santiago, and of course, the biggest catch of them all – Garrrrrry Sheffielllllllld! Folks, it doesn’t get any better than that. He still uses all the same lingo as the old show – “How much will these be worth in 10 years? Or 20 years?” and “There are over 6,000 cards in this deal. That’s just pennies per card!” He’s right. If you take out the cards he specifically highlighted, the rest would be pennies on the dollar. But, man, he makes it sound soooooo goooood.

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