As I said, every Tuesday I am going to post an update to the card collectors of the world on our quest to donate a million cards to charity.  Doc (the original creator of this fantastic idea) sent me an email from a donor and I thought it would be a great idea to share with you this donation:

From: Ben
Sent: Wed, November 3, 2010 7:36:33 PM
Subject: Donated in September

I donated four 800-count boxes of football and basketball cards from 2008-2009 to:

The United Methodist Children’s Home
500 S. Columbia Drive
Decatur, GA  30030

I opened a ton of product that year and had nothing to do with all the duplicates.  I like your idea about breaking them up into 50 count lots.  I just put them all in a box and told the woman I gave them to to make a note to split them up because there were many duplicates.  I included lots of Hawks/Falcons cards.  I think your site is a great idea.  I’ve donated at least 50,000 cards to the American Kidney foundation over the past few years.  It was all junk wax era stuff that I was going to throw away.

This is what it’s all about folks.  Instead of just letting your duplicates to hang out, donate them to the less fortunate.  The kids will thank you.  For more information look at my first post that outlines the charity.  If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can send me your cards and I will donate them to the local hospitals in the Raleigh – Durham – Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

Since this is considered a donation to charity, the cards can be written off as a deduction in your taxes next year.  Please see a tax expert about how to claim them.  I am always looking for stories to put up here on donations, so send me an email with pictures or videos of your donation and a story of how much was donated and to where.  It will get a nice write up on this blog.

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