I liked the Topps Chrome football three pack so much that I decided, why not try the Bowman Chrome three pack for this week’s three pax of wax.  The configuration is similar, but only 3 cards per pack and 3 bonus xfractors.  I am going to be totally honest, the only reason I bought this was for the xfractors.  I am a sucker for those things.  Here is what the pack looked like.

Here were what I would considered the bad:

It’s not that they are horrible, but there is only so much Tim Hudson, Stephen Drew, and JA Happ you can get pumped up about.  I do like the designs, but I feel that it’s missing something overall.  It just feels that Topps has gone the route of Donruss Elite when it comes to the Bowman card line.  There just in no design creativity.

Here are the rookies:

About the only cards that might be worthwhile out of this grouping are Nicholas Hernandez xfractor and the Nicky Delmonico team USA card.  The other cards, I don’t even know who they are.  All cards are up for trade.

The Vedict:

These packs sucked.  I liked the xfractors, but overall, it was just a waste of $9, I hope I can get $9 worth back in trades.  This will be the last 3 pack of Bowman product I buy for a while.  Take note Topps, I am really one and done with these. I give it 1 out of 5 rating.


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  1. Shayna says:

    I just bought $15 worth of these packs. As I was opening these three dollar packs, I thought to myself that there had better be a Strasburg in every single pack for the price. I pulled no rookie I had ever heard of in five packs of this junk. I’m with you 100%, I’m not buying any bowman chrome again. At least until they change it up a little and put some key guys in there. I mean, who is going to get excited about pulling some of these guys, their moms?

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