Friday afternoon I got a PR email from In The Game cards concerning their Ultimate Memorabilia 10 release.  As many of you puckheads know the Ultimate Memorabilia release is the premier set in the hobby when it comes to having the best of the best available.  It should be as it is nearly $150 per pack which has three cards:

  • One Ultimate Base Card #’d to 54 or less (or one of three limited edition 1/1 parallels)
  • One Authentic Autog0raph Card (these include cut signatures and lumber signatures)
  • One Memorabilia Card (these can be skates, gloves, sticks, sweaters, patches, etc.)

The one thing about the memorabilia is that all of it is game worn, not event worn, not game issued, right off the player’s body (sweat and blood included). So you can imagine when Dr. Price’s company was called out about one of the top NHL goaltenders Antero Niittymaki’s slabbed 1/1 emblem card featuring an emblem of the Finland Olympic game used jersey.

In The Game bought the jersey from the NHLPA’s auction website and it was certified as game used.  As many of you know it doesn’t get better than that.  Basically the NHLPA got it wrong and passed it on to ITG.

Upon hearing this news ITG issued an immediate recall of the 1/1 slabbed patch.  So if you are the lucky holder of Ultimate card number 7298/7500, return the card and get a new one personally made for you.  Personally I think I would keep the card as it will become one of the one of a kind screw ups making it more valuable than it’s real value.

That is a real stand up move by the company.  Truth is, it’s not their fault, but they stand by their authentic line of memorabilia, and this was simply put not acceptable.  “I don’t think this is what collectors want, it may be what they accept from other manufacturers but if given a choice, authentic game-worn memorabilia is what they want,” said ITG President, Dr. Brian H. Price. “We had no reason to doubt the legitimacy of this jersey since it was acquired from the NHLPA with their COA” Price added, “but when a collector brought this to our attention, we did further research and confirmed that Niittymaki did not play in the game as stated by the NHLPA.”

I have send a request to my contact at ITG to acquire the sweater in question.  I think the jersey should be auctioned off for charity or donated straight to a children’s hospital.  If get’s the opportunity to set this in motion I will hope to raise as much money for charity as I can.

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