It’s time for Vince Young to carry his antics to another league.  That may seem harsh, but in reality it’s the truth.  There is no place in the NFL for someone of his caliber.  Remember before he was being drafted, he took the Wonderlick test and scored a 6, later reported to be a 16.  I’m starting to believe the 6 over the 16.

To understand why Young seems to always have meltdowns when he does poorly, you have to go back to his high school days.  Young is simply the product of someone who believes all his hype.  Think Michael Vick but with much less talent.  He was always being fawned over in high school, he was on TV more than the Houtson Texans.  When he went to Texas, it was more of the same.  Now I’m not saying that he was a one game wonder (Rose Bowl game), as he is quite talented, but he got drafted high in the first round strictly because of that game.

Just look at Jamarcus Russell following his big bowl win before he was drafted number one overall.  Just another example of too much overhype after just one game.  The Titans fell for the hype hook, line and sinker.  Not that Lienart would end up being that much better, but I think if he could have learned under Fisher he would have been a much better player.

Now the Titans are going to rely on former FAU stud Rusty Smith.  Although from what I can tell he is a good quarterback, he isn’t a franchise quarterback by any stretch of the imagination, but he has a decent arm and is quite intelligent.  Two things that make him a star over Young.  The Titans are reportedly looking for another quarterback for this Sunday’s game since Kerry Collins is sidelined with an injury of his own.

Young is going to be dropped to thrid string, that is if he even is active for this week’s game.  I think Young’s time in Tennessee is done and unless he can put himself back together and soon, his time in the NFL is probably over as well.  I don’t know what kind of effect this is going to have on his card prices, but I can tell you his autograph, which once sold for between $50-$75 is now hovering in the $25-$30 range and falling fast.

As a fan of the NFL I am just tired of players that feel as though this kind of acting is acceptable.  It’s time players stop taking advantage of their fame and past and start living in the now.  Because right now Vince Young is abysmal.  Careful Mr Hainsworth you are next.


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  1. todduncommon says:

    Welcome to Sacramento, Mr. Young. We’re happy to have you be part of the Mountain Lion’s organization. Here’s Daunte Culpepper’s clipboard you’ll be holding. You’ll love the UFL! We’re not nearly as cold as playing in Canada, and you won’t have to do any math! We can’t figure out what to do with a 55-yard line either.

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