When you take a look at the leading receivers for yardage and receptions, the usual suspects show up. You have Welker, White, and Wayne.  However if you look up yards per catch (my favorite Madden stat) you have a whole other group of what I like to call the deep threat guys:

Mike Wallace (22.0 ypc):

Malcom Floyd (20.7 ypc):

Anthony Armstrong (21.8 ypc)

No autographed card of Armstrong could be found.

Personally I like the Wallace card, but all three guys have to grab your attention from a football perspective.  Malcom Floyd is even more surprising since he is considered the primary receiving option in San Diego.  So I ask my readers, which of these deep threat guys do you like?


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  1. I like Wallace as well, but I think Jacoby Ford could be a contender if the Raiders that could get the ball to him. He has had a couple good catches this year. So far he is average 20 years per catch not to bad.

  2. Dave says:

    Always pick the Steeler!

  3. jl says:

    Wallace, but I still stick with Deshawn Jackson

  4. Nick says:

    I would have picked DeSean Jackson before these guys. He’s 4th on the list of AVG. Yards per Catch, but he has more touchdowns, more catches of 20+ yards, more yards per game, and more yards per game. than Armstrong and Floyd. Not to mention, the longest TD catch out of all four of them. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen Jackson play far more times than Wallace, but I gotta go with Jackson.

  5. My deep guy? Dez Bryant, easy. Possesion receiver? Either Reggie Wayne or Miles Austin. Slot, either Austin Collie or Welker.

  6. todduncommon says:

    My deep guys:
    – Andre Johnson (though not so much this year)
    – Wallace, as mentioned above
    – Sidney Rice, when not broken
    – I also agree that Jacoby Ford is the one to watch in Oakland, even more so than the also (or allegedly) speedy Murphy, Schilens, Higgins, or DHB.

    Possession guys:
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Santonio Holmes (Human Stick-Um)
    – Hines Ward

    Slot guys:
    – Welker

    – Not sure where they fit guys:
    – Dwayne Bowe
    – Mike Williams (TB)

  7. todduncommon says:

    I was going to say ‘nobody’, but then I read the title correctly as, “Who would you rather deep THREAT”.


    • chemgod says:

      I knew that was coming (no pun intended) after I submitted the post. Just surprised it took this long (again not pun intended).

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