This one is only set at $100 but I think the guy is being deceptive in his ad:

A Dozen Rare Baseball Rookie Cards – $100

Selling 12 rare rookie cards (listed below). Crown jewel is rookie-card of recently deceased coaching legend, Sparky Anderson. $100 cash for lot. You pick-up in Greenwood near Redmill Burgers.

1959 Topps – George “Sparky” Anderson
1983 Donruss – Julio Franco
1987 Topps – Jose Canseco (Topps All-Star Rookie)
1987 Donruss – Benito Santiago (Rated Rookie)
1988 Donruss – Roberto Alomar (Rated Rookie)
1989 Donruss – Ken Griffey Jr. (Rated Rookie)
1989 Topps – Randy Johnson (with Expos)
1991 Score – Mike Mussina (1st Round Draft Pick)
1991 Upper Deck – Mike Mussina (Top Prospect “91)
1992 Fleer Ultra – Ivan Rodriguez (Rookie)
1992 Fleer Ultra – Mike Mussina (Rookie)
1992 Score – Manny Ramirez (1st Round Pick)

image 2083431889-0

Initial Reaction: I think we can all agree here that none of these cards are rare with the exception of Sparky Anderson.  So we are looking at 11 one dollar cards and one twelve dollar card.  I think $30 is fair for this lot, I mean really $25 is fair but you can’t blame someone for looking for $30. I’ll be playing a junk wax expert and a very honest guy.

The Exchange:

Me: I’m going to be up front with you on this, I don’t think your cards are worth $100.  I consider myself a baseball card expert and I do want them, just not for that price.

CI: My dad said they are worth almost $150 and I’m going to believe him over you.

Me: I guess then I have to ask would you believe eBay over your dad?  I mean he’s just a person, people are sometimes wrong.  I still want them if you want to sell them.

CI: Wow, why dont you just shit on me too. The price is $100 and I don’t give a shit what eBay says.

Me: To be completely honest I don’t give a shit what eBay says either, but I’m trying not to get ripped off.  Your cards are from the junk wax era, there are literally millions of each of your RARE cards floating around the world. The only reason I’m even still contacting you’re dumb ass self is that although what you’re asking is ridiculous, it’s a decent collection.  Are you at least willing to search ebay to see how much they are really worth?

CI: I dont need eBay and I dont need your horse shit. These cards have multiple current and future Hall of Fame players. $100 is the price if you don’t like it don’t buy it, I dont need your money.

Me: Are you sure you don’t want my horse shit? Because I have plenty of it here.  Why don’t I sell you $25 worth of horse shit for $100?  Because that’s what you are trying to do.  My offer was originally going to be $30 but I’m thinking $20. Would you take $20, plus a pile of horse shit on the side.

CI: Dude i am going to find you and kick the shit out of you. stuff you offer up your ass and fuck off.

Me: I just want you to know that you are now part of an elite group, you my dim witted friend are a Craigslist Idiot <link> .  I do this because I am tired of people trying to rip off other people.  I could have just written a post on Craigslist explaining what a horrible deal it is, but instead I decided to try and educate you. I didn’t want it to go south, but it did and I am fully willing to pay $25 for the cards.

End of emails

Final Take:

Hey what can I say, you never know how these are going to roll and this one fell apart quickly.  Sadly this was the best one I had as all the other ones refused to even talk with me after the second email.  I’m definitely going to have to come up with a better character with these.  My straight laced guy didn’t go down real well.  Any suggestions? I am willing to create any character.


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  1. This has to be one of my favourite topics of yours. Can’t help on the character since I’m not exactly creative, but keep up the good work on these!

  2. Mike says:

    This one went south in a hurry, and seemed like he was prepared for a firefight right from the get-go. No negotiations, no knowledge, just what dad says and that’s it. One avenue you may want to attempt with them is the “sweet, gentle collector” that just wants to get something nice. But reference a modern Beckett (if you have one) or guide them to listings on eBay or Beckett Marketplace or any host of bulk purchasing sites. See what happens when these so-called sellers with “knowledge” say when their product is on the market, then let them know they are being CI’d! Just a thought.
    Or you could play the Back To The Future route with someone (if you can find someone willing to bite on it) and jive them on what their cards were worth at their heights (that 88 Donruss Alomar has to be worth at least $6 like it was in ’88 – right?), offer a higher price and force them to make the move. Then switch it on them and lower the price because Alomar has passed and had checkered history, Manny had been traded too many times, Canseco was an admitted cheater, etc…see how they change their tune and then mess with them with your A HA revelation!

    • chemgod says:

      Mike, I really like that idea! Pretend I’m from like 1991 and just gush over how valuable and rare these cards are. Nice!

  3. Daniel Mathews says:

    Yeah, these are hilarious. If it means one person doesn’t get ripped off, then job well done! I don’t know what other angle you could approach this…..

  4. CK says:

    I like the Back to the Future idea, too. That could be funny. Adding to Mike’s idea about Beckett, depending on the ad and the ask, you could literally go by the high value column in Beckett (if he’s asking for more) and see how that goes. It would be funny to see them fight the HV of Beckett – which we all know is already ridiculous. Then you could always take it back to eBay and the reality check.

  5. Dustin says:

    This latest idiot was one of your shortest fuses yet. I can’t believe how violent he got. As always, you played it well.

  6. Jimmy James says:

    What about acting like a Mom or Dad trying to buy something for their kids for Christmas? You come off as innocent and then break into that you’ve done research about what the price should be. Then end it with – ” have you ever heard of a CI – I’m going to submit my email stream to that site.” Something like that…

  7. Clay says:

    I personally would enjoy the flipside to these idiots….the clueless people basically giving good cards away just to get rid of them or whatever the reason is. It would be cool to see all of the sweet deals people have scored on CL.

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