Back on November 10th Upper Deck  announced a contest involving the collection of an entire 20th anniversary NHL insert set from their 2010-11 NHL Series 1 set.  The parallel set ran 250 cards and was inserted six per box.  So two tools from Manitoba went out and bought 20 cases.  Each case runs about $750, so 20 cases is $15,000.  After the 20 cases were broken, they found that they had 246 of the 250 cards.  So in 240 boxes, they were not able to complete a 250 card set. Go Upper Deck collation team.

The dynamic father – son duo went to a card show and picked up the last four cards they needed (all Young Guns) and went to the UD booth for verification.  Their prize for spending close to $15,500, a trip for two to the Outdoor Classic game in Pittsburgh.  Now I am not a genius, but I’m thinking you could get your own tickets, hotel room a flight for a lot less than what they spent on cards. Oh and by the way, the guys who won it were dealers.

The “Winners” (although I think they lost in the end)

I then saw on facebook yesterday that three other people were close to finishing the set, here is one guy:

This guy looks super stoked, almost as if someone told him he didn’t win the grand prize while he was getting his picture taken.  If I ever take a picture of myself like this and submit it to facebook, Beckett or UD, just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

Oh and FYI, these cards run about $1 a piece on eBay (except Young Guns cards).

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  1. dave h says:

    I think the last guy either realized that he just spent his retirement savings on a contest he lost or he just sat on his mother’s cat Nibbles. Either way, he looks incredibly uncomfortable!

  2. Jason Crosby says:

    If it was only about the cards and their value, then it was a waste. But I’m sure years from now, they’ll be thinking about their experience (wax busting, the excitement of the pull, their trip, and the father/son time) lots more.

    When I think back to my heavy card collecting days years ago, I don’t think about the cards, but about the hundreds of shows/shops my Dad and I traveled to and our time spent bonding. Wish I could be young and do it again!

  3. jl says:

    Remember a early post about the future of the hobby and downfall, this is the classic example, $15.000 on 20 cases for what, bragging rights.

  4. Eric says:

    I went to the show and the father/son dual were dealers themselves at the show. They had their own table their. So I can see how they were able to obtain 20 cases.

  5. What was unfortunate for the ‘regular collectors’ is that this dealer team of father and son had broken 20 cases the day of the product release, a full two days BEFORE Upper Deck announced this contest. By the time anybody had thought about maybe trying for the prize, the contest was over.

  6. At least for me, that prize would be worth it. Although, you are right about the fact that $15,000 is a little steep. That is interesting though what the Capt. said about them opening all this prior to the announcement. Maybe they had an inside knowledge of what was to come (since they were dealers and all).

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