Lately I have been trying to decide where my collection should go.  For years, I have centered on the idea of volume over quality.  This was an easy decision since I never seemed to have funds for quality cards.  I can break up my collection like this:

  • Autographs
  • Patch Cards
  • Game Used
  • Inserts
  • Rookie Cards

I was using the theme of players that never made it for my collection for the longest time, but I’m thinking of changing the direction of the collection yet again.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my patch collection and likely will continue down that path.  However I find myself with no clear road.  With the massive amount of fake autographs and patches, the idea of going after them just isn’t appealing.  Buying boxes has never been my thing. Inserts are getting boring, so I find myself intrigued by getting older rookie cards.  By older I’m talking about pre – 1980 (baseball), pre-1990 (football / hockey).

There is a certain drawback to that though.  The cards will never be worth more than they are priced at today.  For instance, take a Mike Schmidt rookie card, ebay average value is at about $30 – $40 depending on condition.  Ten years from now, the value will likely be the same.  With the advent of population reports, there clearly is no surprise in how many of any one card is out there.

Another idea I had was to create a “blogger universe” only set, which each blogger, makes his or her own mini set.  I would love to do a set of cut signature cards.  I am collecting autographs for that purpose.  I have also found that may people are interested in owning replica autographed cards.  How cool would it be to create a set dedicated to Old Time football, baseball or hockey players?

I guess in the end I’m just trying to find an outlet for my creativity or my minuscule funding.  I love cards, I just don’t know what to collect or make next.  That’s where my readers come in and make the call, what should I focus on next?


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  1. First, I say continue with your patch collection because it does seem like something do enjoy collecting. No reason at all to give up on something enjoy, but yes be careful of the knock-offs.

    Here is what I have found myself doing, because I never really got into the patches and autos. They hit the market while I was on break. As I read recently, the market is being flooded more or less with autograph cards which is cause the price of the player auto to decrease. I would go the rookie card route. The value of said rookies will not ever skyrocket. The twist I have on getting rookie cards are getting ones that have been graded preferably by PSA, but I’m not too picky. I don’t mind getting a BGS graded card. Graded cards from the 70’s maybe a little pricey, so I have taken to looking for rookies from 1982 through 2001. I only buy cards graded 8 or higher. It is something I can’t do every weekend, but it is something I can always do as a window shopping activity while I do my other collecting which is building sets. I took myself to a hobby store for my birthday not know what I was going to treat myself to. I thought maybe a box; however, I came across a 2001 Topps Traded Albert Pujols PSA Graded 8 (NM-MT). It was a card I had to have. The card came out while I was taking a break. The store owners price on the card wias $65. I did not have to haggle. I just scratched my head, beard, and rubbed my chin. Next thing he says, “I’ll take $40” which I reply “Do you take checks?” Needless to say, I think I got a great deal at $40 for PSA 8 ’01 Pujlos. It might be the best birthday gift I have bought myself .
    Of course getting into graded cards can be expensive and you tend to take some lumps while learning the ropes. I have bought graded cards from companies off eBay that are no longer in business which is just a learning process when you dive into the kiddy pool head first, but that’s how I do it. I do however tend to read a little more now since I have found these great blogs. I have about 15 total graded cards and I have been window shopping for them for one and half years. I have four other graded cards I consider a decent part of of my collection which are:
    1989 Topps Traded Troy Aikman BCCG Graded 9
    1998 Topps Stadium Club “Prime Rookie” Peyton Manning PSA Graded 9
    1998 Topps Stadium Club “Prime Rookie” Randy Moss PSA Graded 9
    2000 Midwest Prospect League “Top Prospects” BGS Graded 9.5
    2001 Topps Chrome Albert Pujlos/Ichiro RC GEM Graded 10
    PSA and BGS are the two that I mainly look want to add to my collection, but the GEM Grading Service would be my third option, not to mention I aquired the card in a trade for the #661 Stephan Strasburg from the Hobby Set. I couldn’t pass that trade down. There are two grading service I do not buy and don’t recommend. They are Pristine Grading International (PGI) or Grading Unlimited Grading. They had out 10’s like

    Phillip Whiteside aka paw75

    PAW’s Dugout Sports cards! :

  2. bamlinden says:

    In a nutshell…..letting someone else decide what you should collect will lead you right back to where you are.

    I would suggest step back – maybe even stop buying for a month and then see what items draw you in. Don’t buy out of habit or because you are bored.

    Coming up with a concept or a theme works well (as you have set up with your patches.

    In the end, asking yourself why you are collecting… it for the potential profit? the fun of building a set or project? or because someone else suggest something? If it is the later, I feel that it won’t be fulfilling.

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