I am a big fan of Chris Harris’s website Stale Gum.  If you haven’t visited and watched some of his videos you are missing out.  He makes some of the best box break videos on the web.  This week’s Brag Video of the Week goes to his opening of a box of Topps Sterling:

He got a grand total of $45 in cards from a $250 box.  That’s if and when he gets the Piazza card.  Until then it’s only about $20 tops.  Sorry Topps but this year’s Sterling is a massive failure.  Watch some other box breaks on youtube and you’ll understand what I mean.

Opened any Sterling lately?  Tell us what egg you found.


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  1. It was free to you, but yea a little price for the budget collect. How can I contact via email instead of on this board. Here is my email pwhiteside75@gmail.com. I would like to have a conversation with you. Not about the beer, I think that’s a nice touch, but would like to speak with you with out the masses reading long. I may try twicker.

  2. or Twitter…. damn You’d think I’d be drink already AM.

  3. R.N. Coyote says:

    How many wrappings does Topps have to put on Sterling you get to open before opening a disappointing $200 pack of cards? I give it a 9

  4. Mike says:

    it was free, i give it a 1

  5. I wanna visit the next time you do a box break review. I’ll bring the “Adult Beverage”. I do live in the North Georgia hills where we make our own.

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