A couple of websites that I routinely view are suggesting something that I have always wanted to do.  The shear amount of work behind it though was mind numbing.  Both Goose Joak and Crackin’ Wax are talking about making a blogger set.  One that let’s us do anything we want creatively.  I would definitely be willing to do whatever it takes on my end.  Including creating or making cards.

It’s definitely an interesting idea and we have so many talented custom card makers out there.  Think about it, you can make a team set, a rookie set, a draft set. We could have a miniature parallel or (my favorite) the cut insert set.  Sure we don’t have the licenses and this is probably highly illegal, but we can show the card companies what we want.  I am definitely interested in pitching in and I know a lot of people out there want in as well.

We just need someone to grab the reigns and start the process, since this is Goose Joak’s and Topher’s idea, I hope they run with it.  In either case, show your support by volunteering your skillz.

Let’s Do It or Forget About It, you make the call.

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