If you follow Topps on Facebook, you already know that Topps is teasing their Five Star Football release like crazy.  Everyday they post another athlete signing their cards.  This is great marketing and Five Star is quickly becoming the it card of the year and it hasn’t even been released.  There is only one problem, the average card collector can’t afford a box.

Coming in at around $500 a box, the cards are absolutely stunning.  Of course for that price they really should be.  It might even be one of the rare products (like UD The Cup) that actually offers equal value for your purchase.  If I could afford it I would buy it, but in this day and age and the current economy the way it is, can a product like this thrive on the primary market?  I don’t think it can, however it will thrive on the secondary market, mainly because people like me can only afford the eBay version.

My question to Topps is simple, I applaud the marketing effort you have done with Five Star, I also think the design is amazing, why can’t this be done with your other products?  It used to be that Topps was the product of the common man.  It was a blue collar release company.  With Topps moving into the $500 a pack market and putting everything they have behind it, are they alienating their core demographic?  It’s not a surprise that Topps has whiffed big time in the design and marketing department.  Their only successes in my mind are Chrome Football and Bowman Chrome.

If the executives put in the same creativity behind Five Star for their other brands, they might be a runaway success story.  Instead they seem to only care about the moneybags collector (ask UD how well that worked).  It’s time that Topps and other card companies learn what we want.  My advice to Topps is simple, make beautiful cards and they will sell like crazy (just look at the first A&G release).  Collectors need a reason to collect again.  Right now there is no reason.

Come on Topps you hit a homerun with Five Star Football, now focus on the other products and try to get collectors excited again!


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  1. jl says:

    You hit it on the head, today is a tough time in the ecomomy and I could never afford to buy anything over that $100.00, but yet in a time of where you try to market to collectors to buy they are going in the opposite direction. First look back to the glory days, when packs were .25 to 2.50 the world did buy, then the big hits started and prices went up, so did unemployment, and the fact that the getting a box of cards may lead to no return, what I would like to see, more of what made Topps, design, and intruique, I understand you need hits, but like I said before, look at the topps Million Dollar Contest, giving away vintage, something that should be looked at more.

  2. JBob says:

    I love these cards and all but for that price you could buy an entire jersey/football/etc. I guess it’s just hard as an economist to not see the other very similar substitutes available.

  3. bahdankadank says:

    You say that Topps should put the same creativity into every brand. I guess you get your wish since the cards, although they look nicer, are the same as all their other brands. Jersey, patch, auto jersey, auto patch and folder cards (are folder cards in every product now?). They put this mix into every product and recycle so much I could puke. In fact, they are including Ring of Honor in this product. How many versions of Ring of Honor do we need? There is a lack of creativity in Topps product that is driving me to drink. They had the FB market by the balls this year and failed to captialize on it. I can’t believe I am going to say this but I hope UD puts out Exquisite so it runs over this product.

  4. Laura says:

    Way too expensive but awesome looking cards. I can’t imagine Topps will be selling these like crazy seeing how expensive they are. I really like them but will never be able to afford them.

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